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2012 Tribal State Transportation Conference Materials

2012 Conference Report

View this year's tribal conference report (pdf 372 kb) which includes a summary and attendee list.

2012 Conference Presentations

Below is a list of sessions that were offered at this year's conference and a link to electronic presentations in each session.  If you click on the presentation's title it will open a pdf of their presentation.  If there were no electronic materials the session is not listed.

A Little Emergency Help Between Friends 
    o David Hilgendorf, Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) (pdf 168 kb), FHWA 
    o John Himmel, WSDOT A Little Emergency Help Between Friends (pdf 2.4 mb), Program Manager, WSDOT Security & Emergency
       Operations Office

Applying Lessons Learned from the Port Angeles Graving Dock Project 
    o Bill White, Tse whit zen Restoration Facts*, Archaeologist, Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe 
    o Eric Oosahwee-Voss, Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation (pdf 2 mb), Archaeologist with the Colville Confederated Tribes Archaeology and History 
    o Heather Wills, A Long-Term, Comprehensive Solution (pdf 322 kb),Environmental Manager for the Columbia River Crossing Project

Civil Rights Projects: Equal Opportunity EEO/OJT 
    o George Laué, External Civil Rights Program (pdf 155 kb), WSDOT Office of Equal Opportunity 
    o Melinda Capps, Contract Compliance Program Updates (pdf 734 kb), WSDOT Office of Equal Opportunity

• Construction methodology and cultural resources 
    o Dean Weaver, Tribal Participation in WSDOT Construction Projects (pdf 1.2 mb), WSDOT Environmental Services Office, Eastern Region 
    o Roger Kiers, Lessons from Gee Creek (pdf 2.3 mb), WSDOT Environmental Services Office 
    o Trent de Boer, 10 Tips for Better Communication Between Construction Engineers & Cultural Resource Specialists (pdf 42 kb), WSDOT Highways and Local Programs

• DBE Program 
    o OMWBE, 2012 Tribal - State Transportation Conference OMWBE (pdf 526 kb), Office of Minority and Women Business Enterprises 

• Designing a Project with Nature and Culture in Mind 
    o Jason Smith, I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East: Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive Design and Mitigation Strategy (pdf 3.4 mb), WSDOT, South Central Region Environmental Manager 
    o Marion Carey, Partnering on Wildlife Planning at WSDOT (pdf 3.7 mb), WSDOT, Fish and Wildlife Program Manager 
    o Phillip Narte, Designing a Project with Nature and Culture in Mind (pdf 1.9 mb), WSDOT Ferries Division, Tribal Liaison

• Emergence of TIS (Terra Immersion Systems) In the Northwest 
    o Roger Chappell, The Emergence of Terra Immersion in the Northwest*, WSDOT Highways and Local Programs Division

• Human Services Transportation Plan and Ongoing Coordination 
    o Don Chartock, Statewide Human Services Transportation Plan: Now is the time for input (pdf 206 kb), WSDOT Public Transportation Division

• Opening Session 
    o Allison Dane Camden, MAP-21 Overview (pdf 67 kb), WSDOT Federal Relations Manager 
    o Jim Glaze, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21): Congress Overhauls the IRR Program and Tribal Transportation Funding Formula (pdf 295 kb), Partner Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry, LLP
    o Keith Metcalf, WSDOT Eastern Region (pdf 1.2 mb), WSDOT Eastern Region Administrator 
    o Paula Hammond, A Transportation System for the 21st Century: Outlook for the State Transportation Funding and Priorities (pdf 751 kb), WSDOT Secretary of Transportation 
    o Sev Jones, Kalispel Tribal Transportation (pdf 807 kb), Kalispel Tribe Executive Director, Department of Planning & Public Works 
• Partnering to Improve Corridor Safety and Operational Performance 
    o FHWA & SAIC, Partnering to Improve Corridor Safety and Operational Performance Workshop Overview (pdf 137 kb) 
    o FHWA & SAIC,  Partnering to Improve Corridor Safety and Operational Performance Exercise (pdf 891 kb)
    o FHWA & SAIC, Integrating Operations into the Planning Process: An Overview (pdf 462 kb) 
• Partnerships for More Liveable Communities 
     o Charlotte Claybrooke and Ian Macek, Partnerships for More Livable Communities*, WSDOT Safe Routes to Schook Coordinator and State Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator

• Planning Ahead: Tools to Better Understand Our Roads 
    o Alexander Besemann, Managing Roads in GIS (pdf 1.3 mb), GIS Technician, Colville Confederated Tribes 
    o Annette Nesse, Chicken Coop & Zaccardo Road Intersection Improvements Project (pdf 645 kb), Chief Operations Officer, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe 
    o Kurt Stiles, Using Visualization in Transportation Planning (pdf 2.4 mb), Manager, Visual Engineering Resource Group, WSDOT 
    o Pat Morin, Use of ICAT Tool to Analyze Collisions in a Highway Corridor (pdf 1.2 mb), WSDOT & Jim Longley, Transportation Planner, Nisqually Indian Tribe 
    o Paul Snow, WSDOT - Statewide Travel & Collision Data Office (pdf 1.1 mb), Transportation Planner, State Travel and Collision Data Office, WSDOT 
    o Warren Stanley, Incident Location Tool: Getting Better Locations for Collisions (pdf 1.3 mb), Business Project Manager, WSDOT Collision Data and Analysis Branch

• Safety Planning Resources 
    o Adam Larsen, Tribal Transportation Safety: IRR Safety Management System (pdf 1.7 mb), IRR Program Coordinator, FHWA

• Site Planning for Tribal Transportation and Storm Drainage Management – a Low Impact Approach 
    o Len Zickler, An Introduction to Low-Impact Development*, FASLA, AICP, LEED AP Principal, AHBL.

• Target Zero and Safety Data– How is it Going? 
    o Mike Dornfeld & Steve Lind, Target Zero & Safety Data: How is it Going? (pdf 1.2 mb), WSDOT Traffic Operations Office & WTSC Deputy Director

• Transit Start-Ups 
    o Mark Quinlan & Hiep Tran, Vehicle Procurement (pdf 467 kb), Transportation Consultant, Harlow’s Bus Sales / World CNG & WSDOT Capital Programs Coordinator

• Transportation Infrastructure that Supports Economic Development and Tourism 
    o Michael Cardwell, Tour De Washington (pdf 1.4 mb), AICP, Director of Community Services, Quinault Nation

• Transportation Planning and Decision Making: Building Relationships 
    o Jane Clough, MPO - Tribal Relations: A Regional Government-to-Government Framework*, PhD, SANDAG 
    o Ronnie Neal, Why Community Design: City of Collinsville Oklahoma (pdf 2.3 mb), Cherokee Nation 
    o Theresa Hutchins, Transportation Decisionmaking: Information Tools for Tribal Governments Partnering and Leveraging*, FHWA, Office of Planning, Environment & Realty

• Transportation Project Vignettes: Project Success Stories 
    o Tribal Transportation Project Vignettes*

• What can the WSDOT Public Transportation Division Do for You? 
    o Cathy Silins, Public Transportation Funding from WSDOT (pdf 164 kb), Deputy Director, Public Transportation Division, WSDOT, Olympia, WA 
    o Cathy Silins, Who is the Public Transportation Division (pdf 522 kb), Deputy Director, Public Transportation Division, WSDOT, Olympia, WA

* These presentations were too large to post on the website.  If you would like an electronic copy please contact us at (360) 705-7022.