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CTR Law & Program Requirements

A woman beginning her bicycle commute

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The Washington State Legislature passed the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Efficiency Act (pdf 122 kb) in 2006. The legislation signed by Governor Chris Gregoire was based on the recommendations submitted by the CTR Task Force in its 2005 Legislative report (pdf 4 mb) .

The CTR Board, local jurisdictions, regional transportation planning organizations, transit agencies and employers together oversaw the program's requirements as mandated by the state law, including:

  • RCW 47.04.170 : Designates WSDOT the responsible agency to work with the federal government to support transit, specialized transportation and ridesharing programs.
  • RCW 47.06 : Defines WSDOT's planning role and calls for a statewide transportation policy and multimodal transportation plans and outlines the plan requirements.
  • RCW 70.94.541 : Requires the WSDOT to provide administrative support to the Commute Trip Reduction Board and technical assistance to local jurisdictions.
  • RCW 70.94.547 : Requires all state agencies to aggressively develop substantive programs to reduce commute trips by state employees.


Stan Suchan, Urban Programs Manager