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Vancouver Alerts

As of 3/31/2015 6:10 PM

Blocking Incidents
  • None reported
Construction Closures
  • I-205 - Mill Plain Interchange to 18th Street Improvements: (I-205 mileposts 27.22 to 30.28)
    Traffic Impacts:
    Monday, March 30, to the morning of Friday, April 3: Drivers should expect intermittent, single-lane closures on both directions of I-205, between Mill Plain and 18th Street, nightly from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., for concrete work and material delivery. Work is weather dependent.
  • I-5/I-205 - Bi-State Corridor Travel Time Add Signage (I-5, mileposts 2.50 to 1.91)
    Traffic Impacts:

    No scheduled lane or ramp closures
Special Events
  • None reported
Longview / Kelso
I-5: SR-14
I-5: Mill Plain Blvd
I-5: 29th
I-5: Main St
I-5: 63rd
I-5: 86th
I-5: Salmon Creek
I-5: 134th
I-5 at Elligsen Road
I-5 at Norwood
I-5 at I-205
I-5 at Nyberg
I-5 at Lower Boones Road
I-5 at Carman Dr.
I-5 at ORE 217
I-5 at Haines
I-5 at ORE 99W-Barbur Blvd.
I-5 at Capitol
I-5 at Brier Place
I-5 at Terwilliger
I-5 at Miles
ORE99W at Bertha
I-5 at Macadam
I-5 at I-405 Natio Parkway
I-5 at Morrison
I-5 at Fremont Bridge
I-5 at Fremont
I-5 at Going
I-5 at Rosa Parks Way
I-5 at Lombard
I-5 at Columbia
I-5 at Victory
I-5 at Marine Dr.
I-5 at Interstate Bridge SB, south end
I-205 at Stafford Rd.
I-205 at 99E
I-205 at Gladstone
I-205 at ORE 212-224
I-205 at Lawnfield
I-205 at Sunnyside
I-205 at Johnson Cr.
I-205 at 92nd
I-205 at Foster
I-205 at Powell
I-205 at Stark
I-205 at Prescott St.
I-205 at Killingsworth
I-205 at Airport Way
I-205 at Government Island
I-205 @ SR-14
I-205 @ Mill Plain
I-205 @ 18th St
I-205 @ SR 500
I-205: 58th St
I-205 @ 78th St
I-205 @ Padden
I-205: Salmon Creek
I-205: 134th St Looking South
I-205: 139th St
I-405 at Everett
I-405 at Montgomery
I-405 at Fourth
I-84 at Grand
I-84 at Metro Bldg
I-84 at Lloyd Blvd.
I-84 at 28th
I-84 at 37th
I-84 at 53rd
I-84 at 67th
I-84 at 82nd
I-84 at I-205
I-84 at Halsey-Lower
I-84 at 102nd
I-84 at 105th
US 26 at East Vista Ridge Tunnel
US 26 at ORE 217
US 26 at Ross Island Bridge
US 26 at Milwaukie
SR 14: Grand Ave
SR 14 @ Blanford Dr MP 2.40
SR 14 @ Shorewood Dr MP 3.05
SR 14 at  Lieser Rd
SR 14 West of I-205
SR 14 East of I-205
SR 14 @ Cascade Park MP 7.72
SR 14 164th Ave MP 8.52
SR 500: St Johns Blvd
SR 500: Burnt Bridge Creek
SR 500: Stapleton Rd
SR 500 @ Thurston Way
SR 500 @ 112th & Gher Rd.
SR 500: Fourth Plain Blvd (SR 503)
ORE 217 at ORE 99W
ORE 217 at Denney
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