JBLM and DuPont Washington Traffic and Cameras

DuPont Alerts

As of 3/4/2015 3:21 AM

Blocking Incidents
  • Road work on I-5 northbound from milepost 133.0 near SR 16 to milepost 133.5 near I 705-SR 7-Pacific Ave beginning at 9:16 pm on March 3, 2015 until about 5:15 am on March 4, 2015.
Construction Closures
  • None reported
Special Events
  • None reported
DuPont Flow Map Tacoma Area Traffic Olympia Area Traffic Pierce County Ferry Spanaway Airport Pt. Defiance / Tahlequah Ferry
I-5: Nisqually @ MP 114
I-5: Nisqually Rail Road
I-5: Mounts Rd South
I-5: Mounts Rd
I-5: Mounts Rd Scale
I-5: Center Dr
I-5: DuPont
I-5: Pendleton Ave
I-5: JBLM South
I-5: JBLM Main Gate
I-5: JBLM North
I-5: Berkeley Ave
I-5: Thorne Lane
I-5: Gravelly Lk Dr
I-5: Bridgeport Way
I-5: New York Ave
I-5: SB/SR 512 Interchange
I-5: 84th St
I-5: S 72nd/74th St
I-5: 56th St
I-5: S 38th St
I-5 SB: SR 16 Interchange
I-5 NB: SR 16 Interchange
I-5: Yakima Ave
I-5: Pacific Ave (Tacoma)
SR 16: Spraque Ave
SR 16: Union Ave
SR 16: Center St
SR 16: South 19th St
SR 16: Sixth Ave
SR 16/SR 163 Interchange (Pearl St)
Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Eastside
SR 16: Jackson
Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Westside
SR 16: Stone Dr
SR 16: 24th
SR 16: Toll Plaza
SR 16: 36th Street
SR 16: Olympic Drive
SR 16: Wollochet
SR 509 / I-705
SR 512: Steele St
SR 512 / SR 7 Interchange