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SR 167 HOT Lanes

SR 167 HOT Lanes toll facility
SR 167 HOT Lanes toll facility location map


  • Drivers now have more access to the SR 167 HOT lanes. Crews removed the double white line and replaced it with a single white line so that drivers can enter and exit the HOT lanes at almost any point along the corridor.
  • Double white lines, which are illegal to cross, will remain for about 1 to 2 miles at the ends of the project to eliminate weaving and ensure drivers get the advantage of the reliable trip they paid for.

More commuters are saving time and experiencing less congestion-related stress on SR 167. The SR 167 high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes are high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes open to solo drivers who choose to pay a toll. Carpools of two or more, vanpools and buses use the lanes toll-free. Toll rates adjust to ensure traffic in the HOT lane is free flowing even when the regular lanes are congested.

Solo drivers must have a Good To Go! pre-paid account to use HOT Lanes

HOT lanes give solo drivers the option to pay a toll to drive in the HOV lane. Solo drivers who choose to use the HOT lanes must install a Good To Go! pass in their vehicle and have an active Good To Go! account. A switchable pass is well-suited for HOT lanes users as it can be turned on or off depending on the number of people in the vehicle. Visit How to use the HOT Lanes to learn about rules of the road.

Buses, motorcycles, vanpools and carpools of two or more use HOT lanes toll-free

If you ride a motorcycle, take a bus/vanpool or travel with at least one passenger, a HOT lane works like an HOV lane and you do not need to pay a toll to use it. However it is illegal to cross the solid double white line and you may only enter and exit the lane at the single dashed line. Visit our How to use the HOT Lanes page to learn about rules of the road.

Toll rates

Toll rates for HOT lanes are dynamically priced and can change based on congestion.

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