1. What is a TMP?

    A Transportation Management Plan (TMP) is a set of strategies for managing the work zone impacts of a project. A TMP is required for all projects and is a key element in addressing all work zone safety and mobility impacts. The TMP development begins in the scoping phase of a project by gathering project information, traffic data, impacts assessment, strategies, and mitigation and design solutions.

Steering Committee

  • Jeff Carpenter - State Design Engineer
  • Pasco Bakotich - State Maintenance Engineer
  • Chris Christopher - State Construction Engineer
  • John Nisbet - State Traffic Engineer


WZSTF Members

Region Members

The Traffic Control Oversight Committee (TCOC) is an interagency committee, with designated authority by the Work Zone Safety Task Force, that is responsible to administratively oversee training programs for Traffic Control Flagger and Traffic Control Supervisor. The committee is chaired by the HQ Safety Office and has members from WSDOT, Labor and Industries, State Board of Technical and Community Colleges, Employer and Employee representatives, Utility Companies, Association of Cities and Counties, Flagging Instructor and TCS Providers.

The Work Zone Safety Task Force was established in 1993 by executive order as the work zone policy making group for WSDOT. The task force meets twice a year and is chaired by the State Maintenance Engineer and the State Construction Engineer. Membership is made up from several state agencies and industry representation including WSDOT, FHWA, WSP, Roadway Contractors and others.

At WSDOT, safe and efficient work zones are an essential part of our mission to plan, design, construct, maintain, and operate a fully functional highway system. Transportation workers and travelers need a safe and effective work zone environment while maintaining mobility through work zones.


Flagger Certification Training:
Washington State Flagger Certification courses are available at many Community Colleges and through the Evergreen Safety Council (800) 521-0778 and American Traffic Safety Services Association (877) 642-4637. Oregon, Idaho and Montana State flagging cards are also accepted in Washington. 

Please note: WSDOT does NOT hire flaggers.

For WSDOT employees, contact your Region Safety office for flagger training.

Traffic Control Supervisor Training (TCS):

Work Zone Safety A work zone is an area of highway with construction, maintenance, or utility work activities. A work zone is typically marked by signs, channelizing devices, barriers, pavement markings, and/or work vehicles. It extends from the first warning sign or rotating/strobe lights on a vehicle to the END ROAD WORK SIGN or the last temporary traffic control device.