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Transportation Priorities


New SR 18 ramp to southbound I-5
Federal Way: I-5 - SR 18 - SR 161
In summer 2012 we opened new flyover ramps at the I-5/SR 18 interchange. The ramps take vehicles directly from one highway to the other. This seamless transition eliminates the crossover merging and lane changing of the interchange's original
cloverleaf design.

WSDOT's Safety Commitment

Our highway safety funding The 2007-2026 Highway System Plan forecasts future needs.

WSDOT is accountable and transparent. Each quarter, WSDOT updates its Gray Notebook, to provide information on highway funding, including safety programs. Safety issues in the Gray Notebook include detailed and before and after collision data for highway safety improvement projects.

WSDOT is reducing traffic congestion, preserving transportation infrastructure and making safer roadways.

WSDOT's commitment to highway safety.

Safety takes effort and vigilance. Our efforts are working. Washington continues to see a decline in the number of deaths due to traffic collisions. Our traffic fatality rates are among the lowest in the nation, but we have a long way to go. Highway improvements play a key role in safety and we are committed to reducing collisions and preventing risk to Washington's drivers.

With our partners in law enforcement and education, we wrote Washington's Strategic Highway Safety Plan: Target Zero.

Target Zero is our commitment to Washington's families.

What is WSDOT doing to increase roadway safety?

WSDOT's engineering and planning groups work to build safe roadways. We are designing and building projects that will reduce collisions on state highways. Projects such as:

These are just a fraction of safety projects in WSDOT's highway construction, ferry and rail program.

Our Traffic Operations Division develops and manages programs to prevent incidents. There are roadway features such as rumble strips and traffic barriers.

Our commitment to safety also helps decrease congestion as roadway incidents are one of the leading causes of congestion on the roadway. The Incident Response Team gets incidents off the road and traffic moving again.

We need the public's help to keep the roadways safe. In the spring, we kick off our annual Give 'em a Brake campaign to remind drivers of driving in construction zones.

WSDOT's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Grants program was established to address the nearly 400 fatal and injury collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists each year. In addition to providing statewide safety funding, we offer bicycle and pedestrian safety tips.

Safety is also a major focus of our Maintenance Division. Just a sample of highway maintenance safety includes:

What's New and What's Next?

WSDOT continues finding innovative programs to increase roadway safety with the goal to provide for and improve the safety and security of
transportation customers and the transportation system.

In conjunction with national research groups, WSDOT is working to identify cost-effective solutions.

We are also working to increase workforce safety. WSDOT's safety initiative features new expectations for worker safety, better safety planning and heightened accountability for safety results at every level of the organization.

All WSDOT employees have and share the responsibility for highway and workplace safety. This is our commitment to Washington's citizens and drivers.