Rosie Morgan, Robert "Moose" Morgan's widow, and Don Clotfelter, WSDOT Olympic Region, look at the display reflecting on Moose's life at WSDOT.

Belle Williams, Samuel Williams widow, shared her tragic experience with the audience at the 2006 Workers Memorial.

2006 WSDOT Remembers

Visitors and employees entering the WSDOT Headquarters building on the morning of April 5 were greeted by piles of boots, boxes of hard hats and stacks of traffic cones as the Work Zone Memorial Team prepared for the annual Worker’s Memorial.

By noon, the team had created a “path of honor” in remembrance of the 56 WSDOT employees who, since 1950, have lost their lives to collisions within work zones. There was also a special tribute to Robert Anderson and Robert “Moose” Morgan who recently died of natural causes within work zones.

From 1 - 3p.m. on Wednesday, April 5, WSDOT held an open house to honor the men and women who gave their lives while performing a public service. At 2 p.m., Chris Christopher, State Maintenance Engineer; Chief John Batiste, Washington State Patrol; Commissioner Ed Barnes and Secretary MacDonald paid tribute to the fallen workers and their family members.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience as Carolyn Swan Sand described the shock of losing her husband, John Swan, in October 1985. She described their ten-month old daughter, Sarah, crawling around the house looking for her daddy who would never be coming home.

Belle Williams also shared with the audience her tragic experience. She thanked the Washington State Patrol for the excellent job they did during the trial of the driver who killed her husband, Samuel Williams in 2000. She also thanked everyone in attendance for taking the day to remember the workers who have died.

“We remember everyday,” said Williams.

Don Clotfelter from Olympic Region and Randy Darlington from North Central Region shared memories of Robert “Moose” Morgan and Robert Anderson. Morgan’s widow, Rosie, attended and was very touched by the event.

The ceremony ended with WSDOT employees; Bob Loveless, Mary Gilmore, Scott Selby, Duke Stryker, Debbie Schow, Randy Darlington and Rick Wood; along with members of the State Patrol Honor guard paying a 21-bell salute in honor of their fallen brothers and sisters.

Watch the video of the 21-bell salute in Windows Media (wmv 4 mb).