Evaluation of Recycled Concrete as Aggregate in New Concrete Pavements

This study evaluated the use of recycled concrete as coarse aggregate in new concrete pavements. Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) produced from demolished pavements in three geographically-dispersed locations in Washington state were used to perform tests on aggregate characteristics, fresh concrete properties, and hardened concrete properties. Variables included the source of the RCA, percent replacement of coarse natural aggregate with RCA (0% to 45%), and percent replacement of portland cement with type F fly ash (0% or 20%).

RCA from all three sources met WSDOT requirements for aggregates, and all fresh and hardened concrete properties met WSDOT requirements. Replacement of RCA for natural coarse aggregate by up to 45% by volume had no significant effects on any of the properties. These results indicate that high-quality RCA can be used as a replacement for a portion of the coarse natural aggregates in new portland cement concrete pavements in Washington State.

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 826.1
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12/16/2016 - 14:18
Haifang Wen, David I. McLean, Spencer R. Boyle, Tim C. Spry, Danny G. Mjelde.
Washington State University. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
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Concrete pavements, Recycled materials, Concrete aggregates, Coarse aggregates, Aggregates by source, Sustainable development, Artificial aggregates.