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US 12 - A Street and Tank Farm Rd - Interchange Study


Funding has not been identified to complete this project.


Why is WSDOT studying the feasibility of adding a future interchange at this location?
The A Street and Tank Farm Road intersections on this section of US 12 have experienced 26 accidents in the past five years which resulted in 26 injuries. A new interchange in this area would reduce accidents between fast moving traffic on US 12 and drivers entering, exiting, or crossing at A Street or Tank Farm Road.

The End Result
This study will determine the feasibility and preferred location for a future interchange to replace the A Street and Tank Farm Road intersections on this section of US 12. WSDOT will incorporate input from our partners and the public in these decisions.

The study will also identify the impacts to both natural and human environments. WSDOT will document the existing environmental conditions and include an environmental inventory.

Project Benefits

  • Safety - Building a new interchange bridge and ramps will eliminate accidents between fast moving traffic on US 12 slower moving traffic on A Street and Tank Farm Road. Replacing the A Street and Tank Farm Road intersections with a new interchange will allow drivers to enter, exit, and crossover US 12 in a safe manner.
  • Mobility - Future growth in the vicinity of these intersections will create more vehicles and subsequently more delays and accidents. An interchange will reduce delays as traffic volumes increase in the future.

What is the project timeline?
Work on the study began in spring 2008. Design and construction has been postponed until funding becomes available.

Financial Information

The project is partially funded through the following sources:

  • Existing Funds - $0.3 Million
  • Total Funding Available from all sources - $0.3 million

How can I get more information?
Paul Gonseth, WSDOT Project Engineer
WSDOT South Central Project office 
2809 Rudkin Rd. 
Union Gap, WA 98903

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