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SR 529 - Ebey Slough Bridge Replacement - Completed July 2013

Project Status - Complete
SR 529 Ebey Slough Bridge Map - Thumbnail
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New Ebey Slough Bridge in the morning sun
View more photos of the old bridge and construction of the new span

We replaced the original two-lane bridge, built in 1925, with a new four-lane bridge. In addition to wider lanes, the new bridge features sidewalks and a bike lane. 

In 2014, the project office was awarded the WSDOT Environmental Excellence Award for the steps taken to protect the environment and local marine and wildlife during the construction of the new bridge and the demolition of the original span. 

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
The original bridge was at the end of its service life. It needed to be upgraded or replaced to meet current WSDOT standards. Replacing the bridge with a wider steel bridge was the most cost-effective option. This project also improved safety for bicyclists and pedestrians using the bridge.
Car GlyphRelieves Congestion
The original bridge was a narrow "swing-span" bridge that could be opened for marine traffic. Traffic backed up significantly in both directions when the bridge opened to allow a boat through. The new bridge is a fixed span that provides more vertical clearance for boats and eliminates span openings and the resulting traffic congestion 
Leaf Glyph Protects Environment
We improved the aquatic environment in the channel by removing creosote bridge “fenders” and “rests.” When fully open, the original bridge sat on these structures in the Ebey Slough. Crews also removed contaminated soil and mud around the bridge. They also found and removed abandoned and leaking fuel tanks. We replaced some of the soil around the structures with clean sand. We also built an enclosed storm water system for roadway runoff and a new waterline in cooperation with the City of Marysville. 

WSDOT worked extensively with local and federal environmental resource agencies to ensure the work had minimal impacts on the surrounding environment.

Partnerships & Cooperation
WSDOT consulted with the City of Marysville to ensure the new bridge worked well in both design and aesthetics with the city's waterfront revitalization efforts.

WSDOT also worked closely with state and federal agencies to ensure impacts to the waterway and surrounding area were minimized.

WSDOT also engaged the community. We hosted a farewell party for the old bridge on June 14, 2012 prior to demolishing it. View photos or a YouTube video of the event.


Financial Data for PIN 152908E
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $30,885
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $2,034
CWA $0
Total $32,919

Contact Us
Mark Sawyer
WSDOT project engineer

Kris Olsen
WSDOT communications

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