SR 520 - I-5 Express Lanes Connection Project

Project news

We are preparing to move forward, in phases, with construction of the remaining improvements to SR 520 in Seattle – what we call the “Rest of the West.” The SR 520 / I-5 Express Lanes Connection Project is one of the major stages of SR 520 reconstruction for the highway's west side corridor.

Needs & Benefits

Seattle is experiencing a population and employment boom, especially in the South Lake Union neighborhood. At the same time, the Eastside’s technology-driven cities continue to experience rapid growth. The region’s growth underscores the importance of a safe, reliable transit/HOV link between Seattle and the Eastside via SR 520. This project will extend SR 520’s new transit/HOV system onto the I-5 express lanes, creating a direct bus and carpool connection between SR 520, South Lake Union and downtown Seattle.

The end result

  • A new, reversible transit/HOV ramp between SR 520 and the I-5 express lanes
  • A modified, reversible ramp between the I-5 express lanes and Mercer Street
  • Restriped I-5 express lanes to retain the existing four general-purpose lanes while adding a transit/HOV lane

graphic showing SR 520 / I-5 express lanes connection

Watch a brief video animation showing how the reversible transit/HOV connection will operate.

Project benefits

  • Safer, more reliable travel between the Eastside’s growing cities and Seattle’s booming South Lake Union neighborhood from a new, reversible transit/HOV lane connecting SR 520 and Seattle’s I-5 / Mercer Street interchange
  • Earlier-than-planned Eastside / South Lake Union transit service via the reversible I-5 express lanes connection; the connection will open as early as 2023 for transit instead of the originally expected opening in 2029
  • A more efficient phasing of SR 520 construction that minimizes contractor overlap in the Montlake area while keeping regional and local traffic moving during construction


  • 2020: begin construction (estimated)
  • 2023: complete construction* (estimated)

* Note: The reversible transit/HOV lane initially will open only to transit; carpools will use the reversible lane later, following completion of the new Portage Bay Bridge and Roanoke lid.


This project is part of the remaining $1.6 billion in SR 520 improvements from Lake Washington to I-5 – the “Rest of the West.” These improvements are funded by the 2015 Connecting Washington transportation legislation. For more information on SR 520 funding, visit the Budget and Performance page.


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thumbnail map of SR520/I-5 Express Lanes connection