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SR 28 - US 2/97 Intersection Improvements - Complete August 2011

Complete August 2, 2011
Click to enlargeView entire map  This shows the SR 28 - US 2/97 intersection that was reconstructed to accommodate the new Eastmont Ave. extension.  It also shows the detour and roundabout that was in place during construction.

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An aerial view of the Cascade Ave. detour and roundabout in place from Easter through Memorial Day.

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This aerial photo shows how the Cascade Ave. - US 2/97 temporary roundabout worked.

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Before - When completed the new Eastmont Ave. extension will join the newly rebuilt intersection from the hill behind the green sign.

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After - This is a computer generated design visualization of what the new intersection looks like.

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This is the south end of the enlarged box culvert that had to be built before the new, bigger intersection could be constructed on top of it.


Complete August 2011

Construction began Mar. 28, 2011, the intersection closed and the detour operation began Friday, Apr. 22 and was in operation until June 3. All the elements op the project were ultimately complete August 2.

This Highway Capital Improvement Mobility project reconstructed the intersection of SR 28 - US 2/97 at the east end of the Odabashian Bridge in Douglas County.

Why is WSDOT reconstructing this intersection?
The intersection was rebuilt to accommodate a fourth leg - the extension of Eastmont Avenue, relieving traffic congestion on Sunset Highway south to 9th Street in East Wenatchee. The intersection also experienced persistent pavement damage requiring expensive annual maintenance to repair rutting due to high summer temperatures coupled with a high volume of heavy truck traffic.  This project replaced asphalt with concrete which doesn't soften in high heat, supports heavier loads and won't need to be replaced for 50 years.

The End Result

  • A new intersection allowing commuters direct access to residential East Wenatchee.
  • Reduced congestion on Sunset Highway from the bridge to downtown East Wenatchee.
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to better drainage and the harder concrete pavement.

Project Benefits

  • Shorter local commute times
  • Less traffic congestion on Sunset Highway
  • Stronger and longer lasting pavement
  • Lower maintenance costs

What is the project timeline?
The project began March 28 and was complete August 2, 2011

Financial Information

Financial Data for PIN 202800D
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $53,695
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $116
CWA $0
Total $53,811

Project signage will reflect the cost of construction engineering, project bid award and sales tax.

  • This intersection improvement project was advertised for private contractor bids on Nov. 1. Four qualified bids were opened Dec. 9, 2010. Contract #8045 was awarded to Selland Construction Inc. of Wenatchee on Dec. 13 for $3,829,670.00, 20% under the engineering estimate. Construction began Mar. 28, 2011 and was complete Aug. 2.
  • In a first phase of this intersection improvement effort, an expanded box culvert installation project was advertised for private contractor bids on Sept. 14, 2009. 12 bids were opened on Oct. 15. and On Oct. 19, Contract #7832 was awarded to Selland Construction, Inc. for $734,927.20, 25% below the engineering estimate. Installation of the culvert began Mar. 1, 2010 and was complete Mar. 29.

How can I get more information?
Bob Romine, Project Engineer
WSDOT North Central Region
PO Box 98
Wenatchee, WA 98807
Phone: 509-667-2880, or toll-free 1-888-461-8816

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