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SR 26 - SR 24 - Othello Intersection Improvement - Stage 2 - Complete June 2013

June 14, 2013
Thumbnail vicinity map. View entire map  The project is located on SR 26 at MP 40 and SR 24 at MP 79.6 at Othello

Thumbnail aerial view of project.
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Overview of project.

Thumbnail photo of existing First St.
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First Street was restriped to three lanes between SR 26 and Columbia St.


Complete June 2013

Construction started April 22 and was substantially complete June 14, 2013.

Why is WSDOT improving this intersection?

The SR 26 and First St. intersection in Othello experienced a large number of crashes. This project is to reduce the number and severity of collisions at the junction of SR 26 and the SR 24 spur.

Stage 1 of this project lowered the grade of SR 24 and Broadway Ave. underneath the bridge at SR 26. This allows large trucks and over height vehicles to use this north/south route into Othello instead of crossing SR 26 at First St.

Stage 2 of this project eliminated some of the movements in the intersection, reducing conflict points  reducing the potential for crashes.

The End Result
The project constructed a raised channelization island at the intersection of SR 26 and SR 24 spur, creating a right-in right-out scenario.  A refuge lane was added for traffic turning left from First St. allowing drivers to make the turn in two movements. 

Columbia St. became an eastbound one-way street and Wahluke, a one-way westbound.  Traffic affected by the movements that will no lnger be possible at the SR 26 and First St. intersection are re-routed onto Columbia and Wahluke.

First St. became three lanes between SR 26 and Columbia Street and a new midblock pedestrian crossing was installed to replace the east/west crossing at SR 26.  This allows drivers to better see pedestrians as well as improving ingress/egress to the businesses on that block.

Project Benefits

  • The potential for crashes within the SR 26/First St. intersection is significantly reduced. 
  • Accident potential for east/west pedestrian crossings is reduced due to the higher visibility at the new crossing location.

What is the project timeline?
Construction started April 22 and was substantially complete June 14, 2013-within the scheduled 35 working days (7 weeks).

Financial Information

Financial Data for PIN 202600I
Funding Source Amount ($ in thousands)
2003 Gas Tax (Nickel Funding) $0
2005 Gas Tax (TPA) $0
Pre-Existing Funds (PEF) $1,274
CWA $0
Total $1,274

Project signage will reflect the cost of construction engineering, project bid award and sales tax.

The project was advertised for private contractor bids in January. Three qualified bids were opened Feb. 21, 2013. On Feb. 25, Contract #8415 was awarded to Granite Construction Co. for 1,043,493.44 - 6% under the engineering estimate.

How can I get more information?
Project Engineer Bob Romine
WSDOT North Central Region Project Office
PO Box 98
Wenatchee, WA 98807
Phone: 509-667-2880, or toll-free 1-888-461-8816

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