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SR 20 Spur - Orcas Ferry Terminal Transfer Span Repairs - Complete December 2012

Project Status - Complete
Map of the Orcas Island ferry terminal
Orcas Island Ferry Terminal (enlarge)

typical ferry terminal structure schematic
Typical ferry terminal structures (enlarge)

Uncontained Hydraulic System at Orcas Ferry Terminal Uncontained hydraulic system at Orcas ferry terminal

Structural damage at Orcas ferry terminal
Structural damage at Orcas ferry terminal

In fall 2012 we replaced the terminal apron's hydraulic system, the apron's hinge system and the end floor beam of the transfer span girder.

The apron is the last 15 feet of the bridge that moves up and down with the vessel as vehicles load and unload from the ferry.

This project required a closure of the terminal to vehicle traffic while the apron was removed and the necessary modifications were made.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
Structural issues that may have led to failure of the transfer span have been fixed. Due to the vertical hydraulic cylinder design at Orcas, structural damage to the bridge could have occurred during loading. The hinges that were part of the lever arms as well as the hinges for the apron were distorted and were prone to binding which caused problems with the smooth operation of the system.
Leaf Glyph Protects Environment
The risk of a spill from the hydraulic system has been greatly reduced. The apron's hydraulic system at Orcas had no containment for any of its valves and pumps; this means there were multiple locations where a hydraulic leak could occur and enter the waters of Puget Sound. Orcas was the last remaining WSF terminal that had an uncontained hydraulic system.

Partnerships & Cooperation
Contractor Quigg Bros., Inc. completed this work.


Budget: $400,000
Funding: Terminal Engineering Maintenance Operating Funds

Contact Us
John Callahan
WSF Construction Project Engineer

Marta Coursey
WSF Director of Communications

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