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SR 20 Spur - Lopez Ferry Terminal Trestle Pavement Rehabilitation - Complete June 2013

Project Status - Complete
Map of Lopez ferry terminal
Map of Lopez Ferry Terminal (enlarge)

Typical ferry terminal structure schematic
Typical ferry terminal structures (enlarge)

Photo of Lopez ferry terminal prior to last pavement repair
Lopez ferry terminal pavement prior to the last repair

Photo of Lopez ferry terminal after last pavement repair
Lopez ferry terminal pavement after the last repair and prior to replacement

Crews replaced the timber decking, railing and deficient asphalt pavement at the Lopez Island Ferry Terminal.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
The project made changes at the timber trestle to the retained fill area to make a better transition with the steep slopes. It also provided a better railing system to improve pedestrian access to the terminal building.
Dollar Sign Glyph Economic Incentive
The trestle at the Lopez terminal was expanded in the early 1980s. The joint between the original and expanded parts of the trestle was under the wheel line of vehicles as they loaded and unloaded from the ferry. Because of this, the decking and asphalt pavement failed and needed multiple repairs over the years.

This project eliminated the joint and now the pavement on the trestle should last for the normal period of time rather than needing constant repair.

Partnerships & Cooperation
Contractor Interwest Construction, Inc. completed this work.


  • Design Budget: $70,000
  • Construction Budget: $564,000

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Tom Castor
WSF Marine Project Engineer

Marta Coursey
WSF Director of Communications

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