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SR 160 - Vashon Terminal - Timber Trestle and Terminal Replacement

Vashon Ferry Terminal
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Ferry holding during construction.View larger version (PDF 117 kb).

typical ferry terminal structure schematic
Typical ferry terminal structures (enlarge)


Vashon Ferry Terminal

Trestle timbers at Vashon


June 2016

  • June 13-15: Restrooms will be closed while we test a new water line. Portable restrooms (ADA accessible) will be provided near terminal building.
  • Paving work in June: We will pave the first 200 feet of the trestle nearest land. Drivers and pedestrians will be routed around the construction zone, however we do not anticipate service delays from this work.
  • Service may be delayed due to construction. Check Vessel Watch to see if your ferry is on time.
  • Through- July 2016, there will be one ferry on-loading lane and two off-loading lanes. Pedestrians will be routed around the active construction zone. View a graphic of load/unload changes. (PDF 3MB)
  • July 2016: The project will be complete.
  • Construction work hours: Most of the time, crews will work Monday through Thursday, up to ten hours per day.
  • Dropping off or picking up? You can do so at the bottom of 103rd, across from the terminal dock. in the left shoulder.
  • Need ADA assistance to the dock? The flagger at the dock entrance is there to assist.
  • Riding on a bicycle or motorcycle to Fauntleroy or Southworth? Take 103rd and check in with flagger before riding onto the dock. It is unsafe to ride against traffic on Vashon Highway.
  • Driving off the island? View a map  (PDF 117 kb) showing where to wait for the ferry the during construction.  

What to expect during construction
WSF is working hard to minimize impacts to customers and the Vashon Island community.

Customers and neighbors should expect:

  • All buses will drop off and pick up from designated areas near the terminal building.
  • Vehicles will be staged off of the dock.
  • Motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians will be able to wait for the ferry on the dock.
  • Access to the water taxi will be maintained.
  • Registered vanpools and carpools may use 103rd to access the front of the line. Get information on how to register your vanpool or carpool.

Will there be changes to the ferry schedule?
The following operational changes are in effect for Southworth-bound oversized vehicles traveling from Fauntleroy and Vashon:

  • From Vashon to Southworth, vehicles more than 38 feet long will be limited to six designated sailings per day.
  • From Fauntleroy to Southworth, vehicles more than 7 feet tall or more than 22 feet long will be able to travel on all but six designated sailings per day.
  • View the Oversized vehicles to Southworth fact sheet (PDF 96 kb)

How will WSF manage traffic during construction?
Southworth-bound vehicles will be staged on 103rd Ave SW and Fauntleroy-bound vehicle staging will remain on Vashon Highway SW.

103rd Ave SW will become a one way street northbound toward the Vashon terminal. The right lane will be used for staging Southworth-bound vehicle and the left lane will provide circulation from the Park & Ride lot, access to the terminal for Metro Transit, and medical priorities.

During construction, the ferry dock will not be visible from Vashon Highway SW. In response to input from the community, we've posted signposts along the road indicating how many vehicles are in the queue. This way, customers will have a better idea of their place in line even if they can't see how many vehicles are ahead of them.

Ferries on this route hold between 87 and 124 vehicles. Knowing your place in line is a good indicator of whether or not you will make the next ferry.

How will ADA passengers access the terminal during construction?
The parking spaces at the terminal will be temporarily unavailable during construction. Terminal staff will work to accommodate passenger drop-off and pick-up as needed.

How did WSF work with the public ahead of construction?
WSF worked closely with a stakeholder steering committee to coordinate impacts to the project schedule and ferry operations during construction. We also hosted two public meetings in March 2015 to share information and gather input from the Southworth and Vashon communities.

View the public meeting Slideshow presentation (pdf 1.7MB), Southworth meeting handouts (pdf 2.8MB), Vashon meeting handouts (pdf 2.8MB),

Why is WSDOT replacing these structures?
The Vashon ferry terminal provides a critical link between Vashon Island, the Seattle mainland and the communities west of Puget Sound. The existing Vashon ferry dock was constructed in 1957 and is vulnerable to earthquakes.  

The project will bring the entire dock up to current seismic code and allow access to and from the island in the event of an earthquake.

The End Result
This project will retrofit the existing ferry dock by placing seismic braces at 10 critical locations along the dock and replacing about 200 feet of timber trestle with concrete supported by steel piling.

In the event of an earthquake, the main transportation corridor for Vashon Island residents will be better protected. 

Project Benefits

  • Improve Reliability: In the event of an earthquake, both terminals on Vashon Island are at risk. It’s critical that the island’s main terminal be upgraded immediately.
  • Improve Safety: The project brings the dock up to seismic, mechanical and electrical codes.

What is the project timeline?

  • March 2015: Host two public meetings.
  • April 2015: Advertise project
  • Summer 2015: Begin construction
  • Summer 2016: Complete construction

Financial Information

The total project cost is $15 million. Funding is provided through a mix of federal grants and state funding.

How can I get more information?
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WSF Communications 

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