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SR 160 - Vashon Terminal Slip 2 - Bridge Seat Seismic Retrofit - Complete September 2011

Project Status - Complete

Vashon ferry terminal
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Vashon ferry terminal on Vashon Island

Example of the transfer span and the bridge seat.
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To enhance earthquake safety, crews retrofitted the bridge seat at slip 2 at the Vashon terminal. This is the ramp that sits between the shoreline and the transfer span, which is a moveable bridge.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
The retrofitted slip is stronger and meets current seismic standards.

Partnerships & Cooperation
Contractor Manson Construction Company completed this work.


Budget: $208,000

This project was funded by pre-existing funds from the 2005 gas tax (Transportation Partnership Account).

Contact Us
WSF Construction Project Engineer John Callahan

WSF Communications Manager Joy Goldenberg

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