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Budget Information

SR 16 - Tacoma Narrows Bridges - Paving

Project Status in Construction
Tacoma Narrows Bridges thumb map
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Eastbound and westbound Tacoma Narrows Bridges
Eastbound (r) and westbound (l) Tacoma Narrows Bridges.


March 2017

  • This project is complete. Thank you for your patience during construction.

Why is WSDOT repaving both Tacoma Narrows Bridges?
Both the eastbound and the westbound State Route 16 Tacoma Narrows Bridges serve as a vital link between the Kitsap Peninsula and Tacoma. An increasing number of cars and trucks on the highway have led to the deterioration of the roadway. A fierce marine environment combined with freeze and thaw cycles also causes the road surface to break down.

Westbound SR 16 across the 1950 Tacoma Narrows Bridge averages more than 41,000 vehicles a day. Eastbound SR 16 across the 2007 Tacoma Narrows Bridge averages nearly 40,000 vehicles a day.

Both bridges have not been repaved since 2007.

The End Result
The new pavement will create improved driving conditions for the tens of thousands of drivers who use the Tacoma Narrows Bridge each day.

Project Benefits

  • Improved safety – Repaving the highway surface helps reduce potholes and wheel ruts making for a smoother, safer ride for drivers.
  • Extends the life of both directions of the SR 16/Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Repaving reduces the need for emergency repairs, which are costly to taxpayers and can cause unwanted congestion during rush hour.

What is the project timeline?

  • Spring 2016: Contract out for bid
  • Aug. and Sept. 2016: Construction
  • Fall 2016: Project complete

Financial Information

The cost to resurface both Tacoma Narrows Bridges is approximately $1.5 Million.

How can I get more information?

Claudia Bingham Baker
WSDOT Communications Manager

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