Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock Project - What to expect during construction

April 2018 construction update: 

In early April, we will wall off the interior southwest corner of the terminal building (former Bremerton waiting area) to build a new combined waiting area in the southwest corner of the terminal. Construction of the new combined waiting area will last until early May. During this time, all walk-on passengers will be directed to wait for their sailing on the north side of the building, in the former Bainbridge Island waiting area. 

The new combined waiting area, located in the southwest corner of the terminal building, will open in May 2018 and will be in place until mid-2019.

View a map of the final layout (pdf 440 kb) of the terminal building. View a video for more information on changes to the passenger waiting area, and other parts of the terminal, due to construction.

What to expect during construction

During construction, Colman Dock will remain open and operational with the same number of Bainbridge Island and Bremerton sailings each day. While the contractor will complete most of the work from barges on the water, space on the dock will be limited because of construction work zones.

  • Pedestrian connections to the Marion Street Bridge and the street remains open throughout construction to ensure access for walk-on passengers and customer safety. All facilities will be ADA-accessible.
  • The passenger-only ferry facility (King County Water Taxi and Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry) is temporarily located on the north side of Colman Dock through fall 2018.
  • Vehicle holding space off the dock is needed, especially on busy weekends and during the summer.
  • Contact us at or (206) 515-3870 for more information. 

Terminal space is limited during construction

The terminal building will be smaller (pdf 440 kb) as crews rebuild the dock below and the new building itself. There will not be enough space to accommodate passengers leaving for Bainbridge Island and Bremerton at the same time. In January 2018, we adjusted the sailing schedules to and from Colman Dock to make sure there is enough room inside the terminal building to accomodate passengers waiting for one departure at at time. 

March 2018 - Summer 2018 

This graphic shows where construction activities at Colman Dock will occur during spring and summer 2018. Construction occurs on the southern half of the dock as well as inside the terminal building. The southern half of building is open to the public,

Demolition of nearly half of the existing terminal building begins in early March. The terminal building remains open, but it will be much smaller and have fewer amenities. A smaller terminal building allows crews enough room to work as safely and efficiently as possible while we maintain full ferry service. 

The smaller terminal building will maintain:

  • Ticket sales
  • ADA accessible restrooms 
  • Some seating
  • Limited food options
  • Information booth
  • Visual paging services
  • Full ferry service with no cuts to the number of sailings



Additional traveler information during this time: 

  • An attendant will be on duty in the terminal to assist people with site or other mobility challenges
  • The terminal will have a dividing rope line down the center to separate waiting areas for Bainbridge Island and Bremerton departures. The dividing rope line will have a lower and upper rope so that people with site-assist canes can locate the divider.
  • Pedestrian connections to Alaskan Way and the Marion Street Bridge remain open
  • No changes to bicycle access
  • Most vendors and all of the restaurants located inside the upper level of the terminal building will close by the end of February 2018 
  • Restaurants located at street level will remain open until summer 2019
  • No changes to vehicle access until summer 2018

Work hours

  • Monday through Saturday, 6 a.m. to 5 a.m. the following day.  There will be less construction activity inside the terminal during busy morning and afternoon commute hours. 

Noise and dust - We will work to keep the terminal building free from dust and debris, however this is an active construction zone and it is possible some dust will make its way into the public space.

  • Crews will surround the indoor active construction zones with plywood walls to keep noise and dust to a minimum 
  • Customers may hear light power tools and hammering during the day as crews remove and install turnstiles and engage in construction activity behind the plywood walls 
  • No loud work will occur inside the closed off areas between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Loudest work will occur between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.  
  • Contact us at or (206) 515-3870 for more information

Daytime construction activity

  • Removing and relocating turnstiles
  • Building temporary ticket window and information booth
  • Demolition work behind the temporary construction zone walls

Nighttime construction activity

  • Erecting plywood walls, demolishing sections of the building, building temporary structures inside the building

This graphic shows where construction activities at Colman Dock occur from summer 2018 to summer 2019. There will be construction on the northern half of the dock as well as on the southwest corner, adjacent to the terminal building. Only the southern sid

Summer 2018 through mid-2019 

Even less terminal space is available. Demolition of the exterior of the terminal building continues. Pile driving occurs on the north side of the dock from August 1, 2018 through mid-February 2019. The passenger-only ferry dock, servicing the King County Water Taxi and the Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry, opens to the public in fall 2018. 

Colman Dock construction areas – Mid-2019 until 2023  This graphic shows where construction activities at Colman Dock will occur from mid-2019 until the project is complete in 2023. Only a small section of the terminal building is available for public use

Mid-2019 until project completion in 2023

The entire former terminal building is demolished. Full ferry service to and from Bainbridge Island and Bremerton continues to operate out of the southern half of the new terminal building. Elevated walkways connect to the King County Water Taxi and Kitsap Transit Fast Ferry passenger-only ferry dock and to Alaskan Way and the Marion Street Bridge.