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Eastern Region 2012 Chip Seal


A layer of asphalt oil and gravel (known as “chips”) was applied to the roadway surface. This sealed the highway from water seepage that can cause cracking and damage the underlying support layers. “Fog Seal” is a layer of asphalt oil applied to the surface following the chip seal. Over 155 miles of highway was treated in this contract.

Work was completed on the following highway sections.

US 2 Grant County Line to Wilbur (MP 207.78 to 220.88)
Town of Wilbur Street sections
SR 21 Jct. SR 260 to Vic. US 395 (MP 0.00 to 24.20)
SR 26 Laurel Rd to Washtucna (MP 61.58 to 83.15)
SR 26 Lacrosse Airport to Dusty (MP 102.76 to 116.75)
SR 27 Garfield to Rockford (MP 24.78 to 68.73)
Town of Fairfield street sections
SR 261 Snake River to Jct. SR 260 (MP 15.20 to 29.39)
SR 261 Washtucna to Sutton Rd. (MP 35.83 to 35.83 to 44.85)
SR 271 Oakesdale to Jct. US 195 (MP 0.00 to 8.37)
SR 274 SR 27 to Idaho State Line (MP 0.00 to 1.92)
SR 278 Rockford to Idaho State Line (MP 0.00 to 5.50)
Town of Rockford street sections

How You Benefit
Dollar Sign Glyph Economic Incentive
Preserves the public's investment in the roadway.

Partnerships & Cooperation
WSDOT seeks to address the concerns of tribal nations using the process outlined in section 106 of The National Historical Preservation Act and the WSDOT Tribal Consultation Policy adopted in 2003 by the Transportation Commission as part of the WSDOT Centennial Accord Plan. 


The construction contract bid amount was $8,374,295.

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Public Information Officer
WSDOT Eastern Region
2714 N. Mayfair
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