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US 97 - Biggs Rapids - Sam Hill Bridge Deck Replacement - Complete March 2009

Project Status - Complete
US 97 Biggs Bridge. Click to enlarge
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This project replaced the existing deck on the Biggs Rapids-Sam Hill Bridge. See project photos.

The Biggs Rapids-Sam Hill Bridge provides a vital link for Oregon and Washington commuters and trucking commerce alike.

Through the course of this project, crews replaced the deck on the US 97 Biggs Rapids-Sam Hill Bridge over the Columbia River with a more durable concrete deck. The previous bridge deck was deteriorating at a rapid rate, requiring excessive and costly maintenance repairs. WSDOT decided to accelerate construction of this project to Fall 2007.

The newly re-decked US 97 Biggs Bridge provides commuters with a wider, smoother driving surface and allows more goods to be shipped across the Columbia River by lifting previous weight restrictions for this heavily traveled trucking route. In addition, lighting and guardrail improvements increase safety for all travelers on the bridge.  

In April 2009, the speed limit returned to 50 mph on the bridge and all previous weight restrictions were lifted.

How You Benefit
Cross GlyphImproves Safety
Lighting and guardrail improvements increase safety for all travelers on the bridge.
Car GlyphRelieves Congestion
This project provides motorists with a better driving surface. In addition, the previous shoulder curbing was replaced with two-foot wide shoulders on both sides of the bridge. This allows traffic to drive around stalls and minor collisions more easily.
Dollar Sign Glyph Economic Incentive
Replacing the bridge deck eliminates previous weight restrictions and prevents additional restrictions from being implemented on this heavily used commerce trucking route. This allows more goods to be shipped across the Columbia River to customers and ports in both states.

Partnerships & Cooperation
Your thoughts and opinions are important to us. An open house was held in December 2007; this was an opportunity to learn more about the project and traffic impacts.

WSDOT held an open house on April 2006 to inform the public of changes to the project and to the originally projected timeline, and gather feedback.

Two open houses were held in February 2005, one in Oregon and one in Washington. Since that time, the project date has been moved forward, with construction to begin in Fall 2007.

For the more information about public involvement opportunities for other WSDOT projects in Southwest Washington, visit to the SW Region's Public Involvement page.


Because the Biggs Rapids-Sam Hill Bridge spans the state line between Washington and Oregon, the cost for the bridge deck replacement project was split evenly by both states. Washington’s share came from federal Bridge Replacement funds.

  • Existing Funds - $8 Million
  • Other Agency Funds - $8 Million
    (These funds were provided by the state of Oregon)
  • Total cost of project: $16 Million

Contact Us
Area Engineer Chris Tams
WSDOT Columbia Gorge Area Office
P.O. Box 1709
Vancouver, WA 98668-1709
Phone: 360-759-1310


WSDOT Southwest Region
PO Box 1709
Vancouver, WA 98668-1709
Phone: 360-905-2058, or toll-free at 1-866-973-6879

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