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Rebuilding SR 530

Status - design

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July 2014

  • Beginning June, 30, delays of up to 10 minutes are possible at times between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. due to intermittent flagging. 
  • SR 530 opened to two-way traffic with a 25 mph speed limit around 5 p.m. Friday, June 20, 2014.
  • SR 530 reopened on May 31 to alternating single-lane traffic.
  • WSDOT awarded the SR 530 reconstruction contract to Guy F. Atkinson Construction for $20.57 million. The Federal Highway Administration emergency relief funds will cover the entire cost of the reconstruction project.
  • Substantial completion of the new alignment is expected in October.

Why is WSDOT rebuilding SR 530?
Both directions of SR 530 in North Snohomish County from Whitman Road (milepost 36) to 310th Street Northeast (milepost 39) were blocked following a massive landslide that occurred on Saturday, March 22. Debris from the slide damaged SR 530 and blocked the north fork of the Stillaguamish River.

The end result
Due to the risk resulting from the landslide and the geographic changes to the Stillaguamish River North Fork, the roadway must be elevated. The design/build contract was awarded to Guy F. Atkinson Construction. Funding for this portion will be paid by the Federal Highway Administration.

Project timeline
Substantial completion of an elevated SR 530 through the slide area is required by early October.

Contractor crews plan to rebuild SR 530 in four major stages:

*COMPLETED* Stage 1: Repair, pave and stripe the existing roadway so that it can open temporarily to two-way traffic within the first few weeks of the project. A visualization (pdf, 435kb) of the work shows what drivers can expect in stage 1 of the project.

Stage 2: Rebuild the east section of the roadway next to the existing roadway. This section will stand about 5 feet above the current roadway for flood protection reasons. A visualization (pdf, 435kb) of the work shows what drivers can expect in stage 2 of the project.

Stage 3: Rebuild the roadway through the slide area and the west side of the roadway next to the existing SR 530. The section west of the slide area will stand about 15-20 feet above the existing roadway. Open all of the new roadway to traffic by early October. A visualization (pdf, 435kb) of the work shows what drivers can expect in stage 3 of the project.

Stage 4: Finish other key tasks off the roadway, including landscaping, stream restoration and demolition of the existing roadway, after the new SR 530 opens to traffic. A visualization (pdf, 435kb) of the final work for the project shows what drivers can expect during stage 4.

No restrictions currently in place on SR 530
The speed limit is 25 mph and there are no restrictions for height and size of vehicles at this time. Local travelers may still need to use the Seattle City Light access road at times until SR 530 is reopened permanently. 

Upcoming community meetings 

  • Additional community meeting will be held in August, dates and times are not set.

If you cannot attend one of these meetings, please send questions and comments to

Notes from the first (xls 53.7 kb), second (xls 18.1 kb) and third (xls 17 kb) rounds of family and community meetings are now available.

Financial Information
The SR 530 reconstruction project is funded with $28.1 million of Federal Emergency Relief funding.

How can I get more information?

Travis Phelps
WSDOT Communications
Phone: (206) 440-4698

Bart Treece
WSDOT Communications
Phone: (206) 440-4473

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