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I-405 Corridor Program

Bellevue Braids ribbon cutting
Former WSDOT Secretary Paula Hammond celebrates with Bellevue Deputy Mayor Robertson, Atkinson Construction, Rep. Ross Hunter and I-405 Project Director Kim Henry as John Nies cuts the the ribbon on the Bellevue Braids project.

How will we address long-term solutions on I-405? 
WSDOT worked with cities, counties, federal agencies, transit agencies and community groups to develop consensus for a long-term vision for the multi-modal redevelopment of I-405. This effort culminated in a three-year environmental impact statement (EIS) development process that outlines transit, roadway and environmental investments including more than 300 improvements. The EIS received approval with the Record of Decision in October 2002 and now serves as a corridor master plan. WSDOT continues to work with local communities and transit agencies to improve I-405. 

What has the I-405 Corridor Program accomplished to date?

 I-405 corridor project checklist
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Since the master plan for I-405 improvements (PDF) was adopted in 2002, the strategy has been to fund groups of projects that directly address the worst congestion chokepoints first, coordinating all transportation modes into a working system. With the 2003 Nickel and 2005 Transportation Partnership Account, the state has invested nearly $1.5 billion into the corridor. 

Four Nickel-funded projects are complete (Kirkland Nickel Stage 1, South Bellevue Widening, Renton Stage 1 - Widening and the NE 116th Interchange and Street Improvement project). Of the TPA-funded projects, three are complete (NE 10th Street Bridge-Stage 2, Renton Stage 2 - Widening, and NE 8th Street to SR 520 Improvement project), and one is under construction (NE 6th to I-5 Widening and Express Toll Lanes). Another project, the I-405/SR 167 Direct Connector (part of I-5 to SR 169 Phase 2) is in the preliminary design stage, using corridor savings.

The End Result: Every Trip Faster and Safer  
I-405 currently carries 800,000 people each day. Each constructed project in the master plan accommodates more people. With a completed master plan, I-405 will carry approximately 1.5 million people each day.

The master plan creates about 1,700 new vanpools, increases transit service by 50 percent, builds 5,000 new park-and-ride spaces and accommodates a new bus rapid transit system with stations and stops.  Stormwater runoff and salmon habitat will be significantly improved. 

The result: Every trip on the I-405 corridor will be faster and safer.

What projects are currently unfunded?
Several critical funding gaps remain in the corridor, specifically at the I-405/SR 167 interchange and the portion of I-405 between Renton and Bellevue. These projects will be constructed as funding becomes available.

Current funded I-405 improvement projects underway include:

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