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Welcome to Printing Services

The Printing Services Branch is part of the WSDOT Development Division, providing printing and duplicating services to WSDOT headquarters and regional offices. We also provide services to other state and local agencies, consultants and contractors working with the department.

Primary Responsibilities
The Printing Services Branch has the primary responsibility to provide WSDOT with printing, duplicating and electronic document services. Printing services offers a variety of in-house services which meet the majority of the department’s requirements, and coordinates the delivery of larger projects with the State Printer. In-house services include:

  • High Speed Black/White Copiers - networked digital copiers up to 11 x 17, electronic job storage, on-line stapling and binding
  • High Speed Color Copier - networked color copier, up to 11 x 17
  • Offset Printing - offset presses to print up to 12 x 18, to print contract plans for construction documents and specialty stocks.
  • Bindery Services - various finishing/binding services
  • Construction project plan distribution center - coordinates printing and distribution of all WSDOT all highway, ferry, rail and facilities construction projects.
  • Wide Format Black/White and Color Copier - networked 36" wide printers
  • Scanning Services - black/white or color scanning up to 36" wide, 35mm slides or film negatives
  • CD/DVD Duplication - duplicates and prints color labels directly on surface CD

The Printing Services Branch also has the responsibility of printing, assembly and distribution of the contract plans, special provisions (PS&E), addenda and support documents for the weekly advertising of all of WSDOT highway, ferry, rail, and facilities construction projects. Printing Services also serves as the distribution and order tracking facility for the construction project documents.

Technical Assistance

  • Offer technical assistance and guidance for printing documents in the most expedient, professional and economic methods
  • Provide assistance and support documents to the Regions for the assembly of construction project documents
  • Provide guidance to customers when they begin designing a project to meet our equipment specifications most economically
  • Provide assistance and instructions in sending electronic documents directly or via the internet or FTP site