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WTP Work Plan Overview

Washington’s Transportation Plan (WTP) is a blueprint for transportation programs and investment. The plan covers all modes of Washington’s transportation system: roadways, ferries, public transportation, aviation, freight rail, passenger rail, marine ports and navigation, bicycles and pedestrians.

The WTP is required by state and federal law to be regularly updated. The update currently underway will be adopted by the Transportation Commission in 2005, will cover the period 2007-2026, and will be the basis for an investment proposal to
the legislature in 2007.

Work Plan Outline

The first phase: developing and analyzing data about the transportation
system, includes current and expected future conditions, the use for movement of people and goods, and the effects of the system on the economy and the environment. This baseline data is being stored online in a Data Library. The data will support development of effective strategies to address the key issues facing the future of our statewide transportation system. The strategies will form the basis for the second phase of the WTP update.

On October 19, 2004 the Washington State Transportation Commission hosted an event that served as a milestone in the update process. This meeting of a variety of interests and transportation service and facility providers provided an opportunity for a broader discussion of the data, the trends, the issues, and gaps and proposed strategies.
Phase two includes: identifying & prioritizing specific program investments that will result in a constrained transportation plan. The Updated plan will become the basis for the 2007-2009 Transportation budget proposal that the Transportation Commission will submit to the 2007 legislature.

The Washington State Transportation Commission 

Functions, powers and duties

The transportation commission shall have the following functions, powers, and duties: (RCW 47.01.071)

(1) To propose policies to be adopted by the governor and the legislature designed to assure the development and maintenance of a comprehensive and balanced statewide transportation system which will meet the needs of the people of this state for safe and efficient transportation services. Wherever appropriate the policies shall provide for the use of integrated, intermodal transportation systems to implement the social, economic, and environmental policies, goals, and objectives of the people of the state, and especially to conserve nonrenewable natural resources including land and energy.

(4) To prepare a comprehensive and balanced statewide transportation plan which shall be based on the transportation policy adopted by the governor and the legislature and applicable state and federal laws. The plan shall be reviewed and revised, and submitted to the governor and the house of representatives and senate standing committees on transportation, prior to each regular session of the legislature during an even-numbered year thereafter.