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WTP Phase One

Data Compilation, Analysis & Strategy Development

Create the Statewide Transportation Data Library

The update to the plan started in late 2003 with several concurrent activities primarily involving data collection and analysis. Special subject research and modal plan update efforts helped to fill the gaps in current data and readily-available customer input.

Examples of the modal efforts include the long-range plan for:

The research efforts are topics that apply across modes and jurisdictional boundaries, such as, but not limited to:

  • statewide safety needs;
  • congestion relief analysis;
  • local roadway needs;
  • habitat corridors and species diversity;
  • freight customer interviews;
  • and economic development.

April 22, 2004 Data Library Presentation (pdf 361kb) to the Transportation Commission.

This data helped to build the Statewide Transportation Data Library.

Analyze Statewide Trends & System Conditions

Identifying and understanding major trends and their implications to Washington's economy and demands on the transportation system were critical to updating the Washington Transportation Plan. The statewide transportation system includes all modes of travel and related facilities and services, regardless of ownership (i.e. state-owned or state-interest). The condition assessment is a summary that included information such as the:

  • number of lane miles of federal, tribal, state, and local roadways;
  • location of airports and rail lines;
  • condition/health of the facilities for each transportation mode.

In addition, background papers were compiled to describe our state's financial options. They examined the relationship between growth management and transportation and  provided a summary of state and federal planning requirements.

Identify Key Strategic Issues & Develop Effective Strategies

The update was organized into nine key strategic issue areas. Each strategic issue relates in some way to all modes of the transportation system and its facilities and services. Understanding the interrelationships between these issues is essential to creating a plan that has an appropriate positive contribution to our state. This step in the process involves identifying the needs at the regional level with specific modal needs that have statewide significance. Strategies for addressing gaps and needs were developed for each of the nine issue areas.

Share What We've Learned

Throughout Phase 1, information was shared on the Department's web site, as well as, at workshops and meetings on various topics throughout the state. In addition, on October 19, 2004, the Washington State Transportation Commission hosted an event that is a milestone in the update process.

This meeting of a variety of interests and transportation service and facility providers provided an opportunity for broader discussion of data, trends, issues, and gaps and proposed strategies. This opportunity for review also provided input to the Transportation Commission for Phase 2.