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Washington Transportation Plan 2035 - Phase 2

WSDOT is updating the Washington Transportation Plan (WTP), the long- range statewide transportation plan. The update is being completed in two phases:

WTP 2035 - Phase 1, complete

image of I-90 at VantageThis phase is an update to WTP 2030 and provides policy guidance and recommendations for all transportation modes. It was developed and adopted by the Washington Transportation Commission in January 2015 and delivered to the governor and legislature. Phase 1 contains 11 key findings and 151 recommended actions. Further information on Phase 1 can be found at

WTP Phase 2 - in process

image of bus, bike and walkerThis phase updates the 2007-2026 WTP and will meet the federal and state requirements for the long-range statewide transportation plan. It will implement recommendations from Phase 1 for the development of the state’s multimodal transportation system. That system includes public roads, ferries, public transportation, aviation, freight and passenger rail, ports, and bicycles and pedestrian facilities. Phase 2 will also implement the Governor’s Executive Order 14-04: Washington Carbon Pollution Reduction and Clean Energy Action; which directs WSDOT to develop, adopt, and implement the multimodal, federally-compliant, long-range statewide transportation plan.

Phase 2 will also encompass the six goals of Results WSDOT, the agency’s strategic plan. It is scheduled to be completed by December 2017 and will be approved by the WSDOT Secretary.

For more information on:
Executive Order 14-04
Results WSDOT
Community Engagement Plan

Outreach at Benton Franklin County FairGet Involved!

Public participation is a cornerstone of the transportation planning process. Washington State residents can join the transportation conversation here:

For information on WTP 2035 – Phase 2:
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