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Washington State Transportation Commission

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For information on the WTP contact: Judy Lorenzo, Manager, Statewide Transportation Planning Office

Statewide Transportation Planning

Picture of bikes riding onto ferry
Washington's transportation system should serve our citizens' safety and mobility, the state's economic productivity, our communities' livability, and our ecosystem's viability. 

2007-2026 Long-Range Transportation Plan Documents

  • System Preservation
  • Transportation Access
  • System Efficiencies
  • Bottlenecks and Chokepoints
  • Moving Freight
  • Strong Economy & Good Jobs
  • Health and the Environment
  • Building Future Visions
  • Modal Plans
  • Document Library

2007-2026 Long-Range Transportation Plan

Building the 2007-2026 Long-Range Transportation Plan

Data Library

The Data Library is a centralized body of information and resources that can support decision-making.

Washington Transportation Plan 2030 (Updated Policy Plan)