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Population Growth

How Much from Natural Increase?  How Much from Net In-Migration?

Every year since 1980 Washington's population grew by 34,000 to 43,000 people as a result of natural increase (birth in the population exceeding deaths in the population). Over that same period, Net In-Migration (people moving into the state exceeding people moving out) also contributed to population growth in every year but one (1983). The scale of net in-migration varied a lot from year to year (the peak years were 1980 and 1991 with a net in-migration of 119,100 and 112,100 people respectively) depending on economic conditions here and elsewhere and other factors. (In the early 1990's, for example California had an annual net out-migration of about 425,000 and many of those people came to Washington.) Washington has also been an attractive destination for retirees.

Population Growth - Natural Increase and Net In-Migration

Population growth bar chart: natural increase and net in-migration

"Natural Increase" is the number by which births in the population exceed deaths.  Net In-Migration is the number by which people moving into the state exceed people moving out of the state.

Washington State's Population Growth - Net In-Migration

Source Web site: WA Office of Financial Management

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