Ultra-High-Speed Travel

WSDOT Ultra-High-Speed Ground Transportation Feasibility Study Advisory Group Meeting 1 Overview

July 27, 2017

About 25 people attended the first meeting. The agenda included:

  • An overview of the study process
  • Definition of the role and expectations of the Advisory Group
  • Discussion of study corridors

Charles Knutson, policy advisor with the Washington State Governor’s Office, shared the following:

Conceputal corridors

The Ultra-High-Speed Ground Transportation study will evaluate where such a system should travel and the number and general location of stations. The “conceptual corridors,” range from seven to three stations. However, the exact location of those stations would be decided later. Each additional stop adds to overall travel time, so speed and access points must be balanced when designing routes.

Conceptual corridors and nearest station locations

Advisory group

A 23-member non-voting advisory group is assisting with the study. Members represent economic, transportation and community interests from throughout the proposed corridor and include:

Ultra-High-Speed Ground Transportation study

Imagine traveling between Vancouver, British Columbia and Portland, Oregon in just a few hours. WSDOT is studying how ultra-high-speed ground transportation (250 mph and greater) could make this idea a reality.