SR 160 Planning Study

SR 160 Long Lake Rd SE Planning Study

SR 160 Long Lake Road Planning Study Map

We want your feedback! Come to our Public Open House!
When: Wednesday, Oct. 11 from 4-6:30 p.m.
Where: Long Lake Community Center, 5100 Long Lake Road SE, Port Orchard

Members of the community are invited to learn more about a proposal to reduce the potential for crashes and improve traffic flow through the intersection of Southeast Sedgwick Road (State Route 160) and Long Lake Road. Working closely with local stakeholders, and hearing directly from residents, the Washington State Department of Transportation narrowed the preferred alternative to a roundabout at the intersection. Attendees at the open house will have an opportunity to see the concept and discuss next steps with the WSDOT project team.

The open house follows previous discussions and meetings with a local stakeholder group that includes local governments. 

Planning Study Description

State Route 160 (Sedgwick Road) is an important east-west connection that provides primary access between State Route 16 and the Southworth Ferry. SR 160 also serves local drivers, and regional commuters.

WSDOT is studying SR 160 between Phillips Road and Mayvolt Road Southeast/Lake Valley Road Southeast. The purpose of this study is to develop intersection control strategies that have the potential to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes at the intersection of SR 160 (SE Sedgwick Road) Long Lake Road Southeast.

This section of highway is classified as a rural two lane highway. The existing highway has narrow shoulders, and it has numerous intersecting streets and driveways. Drivers using Long Lake Road SE wishing to enter onto SR 160 currently have a stop sign.

WSDOT has examined five possible alternatives for this intersection:

  1. Roundabout at intersection of SR 160 and Long Lake Road Southeast. 
  2. Roundabouts at the intersection of SR 160 and Phillips Road and the intersection of SR 160 and Mayvolt Road Southeast/Lake Valley Road Southeast. In addition, the intersection of SR 160 and Long Lake Road Southeast would limit traffic to right-in and right-out only. 
  3. New traffic signal at the intersection of SR 160 and Long Lake Road Southeast. 
  4. Construct bridge over SR 160 with ramps.
  5. Speed limit reduction. 

Needs & Benefits

The Long Lake Road SE intersection has been identified as a location in need of safety analysis due to the type, frequency and severity of crashes. Using WSDOT's performance-based approach to transportation decision-making, WSDOT will evaluate and document the roadway conditions on the state transportation system in the study area.


WSDOT will work with the community to identify and recommend suitable strategies to meet current and future needs.

The End Result

WSDOT will produce ranked strategies to address the corridor needs over the next 20 years. The study report will guide WSDOT moving forward in identifying future solutions.


Funding for this study is provided by the Dedicated Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program ($192,000) and the Washington State Motor Vehicle Account ($8,000). A total of $200,000 was allocated during the 2015-2017 biennium.


Fall 2016

  • Data collection
  • Develop scope of work
  • Preliminary data analysis

Spring 2017

  • Stakeholder communication
  • Community engagement

Summer 2017

  • Stakeholder communication
  • Community engagement
  • Data analysis
  • Safety analysis
  • Finalize options

Fall 2017

  • Complete study report
  • Publish report


Dennis Engel, Planning Manager

Yvette Liufau, Study Lead

Claudia Bingham Baker, Communications Manager