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Symposium 2007

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2007 Symposium Information

Today’s transportation providers face increasing challenges to deliver a safe, efficient, and reliable statewide transportation system. Effective transportation planning is the key component for delivering the right projects at the right place and time to address these growing demands.

In response to these challenges, the Department of Transportation convened the 2007 Symposium—a partnership event designed to highlight best practices in:

  • creating design solutions that improve system productivity and implement statewide policy goals,
  • incorporating public involvement into planning documents and project design,
  • communicating the meaning of essential data to decision makers and communities, and,
  • applying Geographic Information System (GIS) and modeling analysis tools to inform the system and project planning process.

The Symposium aimed to broaden attendees' knowledge base by presenting success stories, demonstrating changing technologies, and showcasing how planning and project delivery promote greater transportation system efficiency. 

Our hope, also, was that the 2007 Transportation Planning Symposium would provide opportunities for peer-to-peer learning in interactive training sessions. Networking and problem solving are central to the program content. There were opportunities to work in small groups, hear from national leaders and experts, share experiences, understand new environmental and planning regulations, attend a GIS clinic, and gain an understanding on how the Inland Empire develops transportation solutions and leaders. There was also an opportunity for a tour of the Spokane Transportation Management Center. 

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