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Symposium 2007 Presentations

Thanks to all who attended the 2007 Transportation Planning Symposium in Spokane. You all helped make the event a tremendous success. Thanks also to all of our presenters and sponsors for making Symposium possible.

The documents below are in PDF format.

Final Program (pdf 1.9 mb)

Training Materials (pdf 12 mb)

Tuesday Presentations

A1 - Introduction to the Transportation Planning Studies Guidelines and Criteria (pdf 3.2 mb)
A2 - Local Planning Short Course & Agency Participation in the Local Land Use Process (pdf 189 kb)
        - Bel-Red Corridor case study (pdf 1.7 mb)
        - G.R. Dohrn and Associates (pdf 1.7 mb)
A3 - Transportation Modeling: What Models to Use, When to Use Them, and the Information They Provide
A4 - Tribal Transportation Planning
A5 - What Every WSDOT Planner Needs to Know About Working with His/Her Attorney General

Wednesday Presentations

E1 - Quality and Relevance of Data (pdf 1.4 mb)
        - Intelism LD3 Data Collection on I-405 & I-90 (pdf 5.8 mb)
E2 - New Approaches to Measuring System Performance (pdf 481 kb)
        - Before and After Studies (pdf 155 kb)
        - Before and After Studies (pdf 333 kb)
E3 - Data Resources (pdf 2.4 mb)
E4 - Forecasting and the Program Development Process (pdf 2.3 mb)
E5 - Data and Decision Making
        - Parametrix (pdf 4.8 mb)

F1 - Reader Friendly Writing (pdf 1.2 mb)
F2 - Reaching Your Audience (pdf 1.7 mb)
F3 - Public Information and the Media
F4 - Interactive Communications: The Web
F5 - Communications Seminar: E-mail Excellence

H1 - Environmental Justice: Achieving Compliance and Going Beyond the Legal Requirements (pdf 3 mb)
H2 - Incorporating Public Comment into the Decision Making Process
H3 - Reinventing Public Outreach (pdf 4.7 mb)
H4 - Using a Community Assessment to write a Public Involvement Plan
H5 - Public Involvement Seminar: Presenting Yourself and Your Ideas

I - Climate Change Panel

        - City of Spokane (pdf 316 kb)
        - Caltrans (pdf 910 kb)
        - Puget Sound Regional Council (pdf 437 kb)
        - Cambridge Systematics (pdf 800 kb)

Thursday Presentations

L1 - WSDOT's Performance Journalism (pdf 887 kb)
L2 - Leading Edge Research and Information Tools (pdf 277 kb)
        - Design and Analysis of Precast Concrete Bridges (pdf 5.2 mb)
L3 - Environmental Hot Topics
L4 - Lifeline Routes
L5 - Safety Data & the Transportation Data Office (pdf 1.4 mb)

M1 - Transportation Analysis
M2 - Project Design (pdf 1.3 mb)
M3 - SAFETEA-LU: The Environment and Transportation Planning (pdf 1 mb)
M4 - Potential Applications: What Can GIS Do for You?
M5 - Managing Data Layers and Metadata

N1 - Access Management Fundamentals
N2 - Understanding Freight Movement: The Supply Chain (pdf 582 kb)
    - Supply Chain Reading List (pdf 72 kb)
N3 - Coordinating with Federal Land Management Agencies
N4 - ACCT and Regional Planning Requirements
N5 - Planning, Scoping, and the Project Delivery Process

P1 - Access Control: A Local and Global Perspective (pdf 1.6 mb)
P2 - Construction Mitigation
        - Inca Engineers Inc. (pdf 2.5 mb)
        - Sound Transit (pdf 2.7 mb)
P3 - Local Land Use and the State Transportation System (pdf 979 kb)
P4 - Tribal Transportation Planning Overview
P5 - Operations Technology

Q1 - Tacoma Narrows Bridge (pdf 9.1 mb)
Q2 - Spokane Area: Bridging the Valley (pdf 9.1 mb)
Q3 - Working with Coalitions: The US 12 Story (pdf 1.3 mb)
     - WSDOT South Central Region presentation (pdf 2.5 mb)
Q4 - I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East (pdf 11.2 mb)
Q5 - The I-405 Charrette Process (pdf 1.1 mb)

Friday Presentations

T1 - Growing Transporation Professionals Workshop: Techniques for Enhancing Leasdership Skills
T2 - Supply Chain Management Fundamentals Workshop: What You Need to Know to Plan and Design the Freight System (pdf 1.5 mb)