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SR 202 - Sahalee Way to Duthie Hill Road Corridor Study Map

Map of SR 202 study area and improvement options.

Above is a map of the recommended improvements for SR 202. Learn more about potential improvements on SR 202 by visiting the study publications page.

1 Sahalee Way NE
Add an additional eastbound auxiliary lane.

2 NE 50th / 218th Ave NE
Add an eastbound left-turn lane and refuge.

3 NE Ames Lake Road
Add a signal.

4 NE Tolt Hill Road
Add an eastbound left-turn lane.

Corridor Improvements

  • Widen shoulders from Sahalee Way NE to Evans Creek bridge just before 236th Avenue NE
  • Replace guardrails. Install moveable digital speed monitors to inform drivers of the speed they are traveling in relation to the posted speed limit
  • Repair or replace drainage structures
  • Repair or replace stream culverts
  • Repair side slopes near NE Ames Lake Road, 8th Street SE, and 292nd Avenue SE

Other Recommendations
Other recommendations that are not roadway construction projects include: a non-motorized study conducted by a local agency to further analyze bicyclist and pedestrian mobility needs; inter-agency coordination for placement of signs and pullouts; and reinforcing support for existing Commute Trip Reduction programs and policies for access management.