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MPO Certification Programs

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) certification is a multi-agency activity that occurs on a variety of cycles. The purpose of certification is to validate that the MPO is operating according to federal transportation planning laws and regulations, and is complying with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Transportation Management Areas, MPOs with greater than 200,000 population, receive an onsite certification review from the Federal Highway and Federal Transit Administrations every four years. Projected reviews are as follows:

• Spokane Regional Transportation Council – 2007
• Southwest Washington Regional Transportation Council – 2008
• Puget Sound Regional Council – 2009

MPOs with less than 200,000 population provide an in-depth written self-certification to WSDOT every two years. The certification explains the MPO transportation planning process.

All MPOs regardless of population certify annually in the Transportation Improvement Program they are in compliance with federal laws and regulations. The WSDOT counter-signs the certification to validate the transportation planning process is addressing the major issues in the metropolitan area and is being conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.