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Highway System Plan Needs and How to Identify Congestion

Computer analysis was used to forecast the 24-hour operating conditions for the year 2030 to identify locations where the peak-hour travel speeds fell below 70% of the posted speed. Of those locations, the ones with the most significant delay were chosen as study corridors. These projected future conditions reflect the completion of the mobility projects included in both the 2003 “Nickel” funding package and the fully funded projects included in the 2005 TPA.

These projections do not reflect the impact of congestion associated with local roads, additional impacts associated with ramps, interchanges, weather, special events, construction, collisions or incidents.

Future Washington State Highway System Efficiency Map

Project Operating Conditions for 2030

red line Operates Less Than Efficiently
(Peak-Hour, Below 70% of Posted Speed)
yellow line Operates Within Efficiency Thresholds
(Peak-Hour, 70% to 85% of Posted Speed)