Final Recommendations Report

View the SR 520 Legislative Workgroup Final Recommendations Report.

Westside design recommendation

After a five-month process, the Workgroup voted 11-2 to move forward with Option A+, which meets the purpose and need of the project, satisfies previously received legislative directions, has the least environmental impact, and is within the cost limit of $4.65 billion.

Note: This is not a consensus recommendation and a minority statement is included in the report.

Financing recommendation

The Workgroup unanimously recommended to move forward with the following financing strategy to fill the remaining $2.36 billion funding gap:
  • Use of previously authorized funding included in early tolling of SR 520 per scenario 7.
  • Early HOT lane tolling on I-90 as soon as practicable.
  • Pursue filling the gap through federal and state revenue to be identified over the next two years.
  • If the gap is not filled within that time, then move forward with general tolling of I-90 no sooner than 2014.

The Workgroup also recommended that WSDOT continue to pursue cost savings through further refinement of cost estimates and design.

Draft Recommendations Report

View the SR 520 Legislative Workgroup Draft Recommendations Report.