ESHB 2211

ESHB 2211 requires that a workgroup be formed consisting of members from the 43rd legislative district, 48th legislative districts, the secretary of the Department of Transportation, two legislators from each of the 46th and 45th legislative districts; the chairs of the transportation committee, two additional legislators from the joint transportation committee representing a legislative district outside the SR 520 corridor; and the member of the transportation commission representing King County.

ESHB 2211 directs the workgroup to:

a)  Review and recommend a financing strategy, in conjunction with the department, to fund the projects in the SR 520 corridor that reflects the design options recommended by the workgroup. The financing strategy must be based on a total cost of all the intended projects in the SR 520 corridor that does not exceed $4.65 billion;

b)  Recommend design options that provide for a full SR 520 corridor project that meets the needs of the region's transportation system while providing appropriate mitigation for the neighborhood and communities in the area directly impacted by the project;

c)  Present a final report with recommendations on financing and design options to the Legislature and the Governor by Jan. 1, 2010. The recommendations will inform the supplemental draft environmental impact statement process for the SR 520 corridor;

d)  Form a west side subgroup to conduct a detailed review and make recommendations on design options on the west side of the corridor, which extends from the west end of the floating bridge to I-5. The subgroup shall consult with neighborhood and community groups impacted by the potential design options;

e)  May form an Eastside subgroup to review current design options on the east side of the corridor, which extends from the east side of the floating bridge to SR 202; and

f)  Consult with the Governor and legislators representing the primary users of SR 520.