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Link Light Rail


Getting Around is Easy

The Seattle International Airport (known as Sea-Tac) is located approximately 15 miles from our host hotel, the Seattle Sheraton. Ground transportation is available from the airport for taxi, rental cars, buses and light rail. The taxi fare to the hotel is approximately $35.


Link Light Rail Will get you to your destination


Central Link light rail travels between Sea-Tac Airport and downtown Seattle (Westlake Station, last stop on the northbound route), hop on and you are just 12 stops away from your destination.


Link Runs every 7 - 15 minutes depending on the time of day


Link Operates Mon. - Sat. from 5 -1 a.m. & on Sun. & Holidays from 6 -12 a.m.


Link Adult fares are $2.75 - Current fare information


Direction from the Airport to the Seattle Sheraton:


Walk Walk from Sea-Tac Airport to Link Light Rail Station

  • 1. Find Skybridge 6 and follow the signs to the station
  • 2. See map: Route from Terminal to the Sea-Tac/Airport Link Light Rail Station
  • 3. Buy a ticket from the ticket vending machine on the Link train platform (accepts cash, VISA or MasterCard)
  • Link Train - Link Light Rail to Seattle
  • Depart Sea-Tac Link Light Rail Station (NB), sit back and enjoy
  • About 45 min. (12 stops) final stop is your destination
  • Arrive Westlake Station Bay A
  • Previous stop is University Street Station
  • Walk Walk from Westlake Station to Seattle Sheraton
  • 1. Ride the escalator up and follow the signs to 5th Ave., Pine St. and Nordstrom Dept. Store
  • 2. At street level you are just two blocks away for the hotel
  • 3. As you exit the station turn left on Pine St. to the corner of Pine and 6th. (1/2 a block)
  • 4. Turn right and cross the street. Follow 6th Ave. to Pike St.
  • 5. There on the SE corner of 6th Ave. and Pike St. is your destination; the beautiful Seattle Sheraton Hotel
  • 6. About 5 min. (0.2 mi)


The Westlake Center and the blocks leading to the Seattle Sheraton is a mecca for shopping.



King County Metro Transit is the local bus line in the Seattle area. All King County Metro bus travel within the downtown core is free of charge between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m.



Washington State Ferries operates 21 ferries cross Puget Sound and its inland waterways, carrying over 23 million passengers. From Tacoma, Washington, to Sidney, British Columbia, serving as both an extension of Washington state's highway system and as a regional mass-transit provider.



The AmtrakCascades provides service from between Vancouver, B.C. and Eugene, Oregon and 16 cities in between along the I-5 corridor.

Sound Transit
also operates a rail/bus system around the region, including a commuter train between Seattle and Tacoma.

The Seattle Monorail
provides transportation within the city and takes you to the Seattle Center and the Westlake Center along 5th Avenue.











Central Link Light Rail


Washington State Ferry with Seattle skyline in the background


AmtrakCascades passenger train near Steilacoom