Welcome to the Web site for the Independent Review of Light Rail Transit Feasibility across Interstate 90 – Homer M. Hadley Floating Bridge. Under the supervision of the Joint Transportation Committee, WSDOT provides project management in contracting for the independent review. Here you’ll find information about the Independent Review Team’s scope of work, members, meetings and findings, along with links to resources.

Joint Transportation Committee

The Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) was created during the 2005 Legislative Session. The purpose of the Committee is to review and research transportation programs and issues to better inform state and local government policymakers, including legislators.

The JTC's executive committee consists of the chairs and ranking members of the House Transportation Committee and the Senate Transportation Committee. The chairs of the House and Senate Transportation Committees serve as co-chairs of the JTC. Other legislators who are not JTC members may serve on JTC working groups depending on the subject matter of the committee's oversight and research projects.


The purpose of the independent review is to confirm the feasibility of installing and operating light rail on the bridge. Partnering with Sound Transit, the evaluation will analyze stray current mitigation, impacts of light rail installation on the bridge, the operational “storm” limitiation, impacts of weight mitigation measures on the life of the bridge, effects of light rail loads on the transition span expansion joints, and the proposed rail expansion joint design.