Job Openings

  • none at this time

Upcoming Events

  • General meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month except December.
  • Meeting August 26, 2014 (cancelled)
  • Meeting September 23, 2014 (ELG 1028ABC - Tumwater)
  • Meeting October 28, 2014 (ELG 1028ABC - Tumwater)
  • Meeting November 20, 2014 (ELG 1028ABC - Tumwater) Note Day & Date Change due to Holidays
  • Meeting December 18, 2014 (ELG 1028ABC - Tumwater) Note Day & Date Change due to Holidays
  • Meeting January 27, 2015 (WSDOT Aviation at Olympia Airport- 7702 Terminal Street SW, Tumwater)


The interagency Continuity of Operations Planners are . . .

a standing committee of continuity professionals established to promote the coordination of comprehensive and effective continuity activities across state agencies and to advise the Office of the Governor on issues of state government continuity. .

Establishment and Authority
Governor Christine Gregoire established the iCOOP Committee on October 15, 2012 through Governor's Directive 12-20, Continuity of Government Operations Preparation. The directive sets forth the policy framework for continuity activities within state government and directs the formalization of an interagency continuity of operations committee to coordinate and guide the implementation of continuity activities across state agencies. The iCOOP Committee carries on the work of the informal Interagency Continuity of Operations Work Group which began in 2007.

Goals & Objectives
The overarching goals and objectives of the iCOOP Committee are to:
a) Improve the ability of state government to continue to provide essential functions and services under all conditions.
b) Define, identify, review, and prioritize state government essential functions and services.
c) Identify, review, and prioritize information technology systems, services, and requirements that support the essential functions identified in (b).
d) Build a shared understanding across state agencies of continuity activities, concepts, terms, and requirements.
e) Enhance the coordination of continuity activities between state agencies.
f) Map interdependencies between state agency continuity of operations plans and ensure compatible planning assumptions.
g) Provide a mechanism to share professional continuity recommendations and subject matter expertise with state government leadership and other stakeholders, including the Office of the Governor.