Short Duration Traffic Count Services

The Transportation Data, GIS & Modeling Office (TDGMO) offers short traffic count services to other governmental organizations in order to meet their traffic data collection needs.

Cost quotes are provided to each customer based on the scope of their project. Please contact Jesse Mills 360-570-2378 to request a quote.



Mechanical Traffic Counts

Mechanical count services include the collection of vehicle volume, speed and classification data through the use of portable traffic counters.


Turning Movement Counts

Turning movement counts are done by visually counting the vehicle passages through an intersection. By documenting the direction of each vehicles approach and departure from the intersection, the traffic demand on each lane of the roadway can be ascertained. This helps to determine if improvements to the intersection are needed.


Travel Time Studies

Travel time studies are done for vehicle travel times over roadway segments defined by the customer. These can be performed before and after an improvement project or to assist in identifying roadway improvement priorities.