Permanent Duration Traffic Count Services

The Transportation Data, GIS & Modeling Office (TDGMO) installs permanent traffic counting equipment on Washington State highways statewide for the purpose of collecting traffic volume, classification, speed and weight data.

These services are available to other governmental organizations and cost quotes can be provided, please contact Nghia Chau 360-570-2375 to request a quote.





Permanent Traffic Recorder Installation

Permanent Traffic Recorders (PTR’s) have the capability to collect volume, classification, speed and weight data on just about any traveled roadway. A traffic counter can be configured to collect one to all of these events.


Telemetry Installation

The installation of telemetry equipment for data retrieval includes the following data format types:


Traffic Control

Work zone traffic control is provided for single or multiple lane closures on state highways, county roads, city streets, tribal and natural resource areas according to WSDOT M54-44 guidelines. Flagging operations are also available at various two lane roadways. All field personnel carry a current flaggers card and several carry a Traffic Control Supervisor card.