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2013 Highway Urban Areas Functional Classification Changes


8/13/2013 Initiate FC review process for county roads.
10/16/2013 Initiate FC review process for city streets.
12/5/2013 Complete the submittal of city and MPO FC change requests to WSDOT.
12/31/2013 Approval of HUA FC changes by FHWA.
FC Change SubmissionsMitch Vernon 360-570-2441
General InformationMark Bozanich 360-596-8921

Urban Area Adjustments:

Federal law requires that Highway Urban (and Urbanized) Area (HUA) boundaries be reviewed and adjusted as necessary after each US decennial census. The Washington Adjusted Urban Area (AUA) process took place in the first half of 2013. A Boundary Review Team was assembled to oversee the process. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved the resulting HUA boundaries in summer 2013.


HUA Functional Classification Changes:

FHWA requires a functional classification review following adjustments to HUAs. All agencies affected by HUA changes must review their roads and streets within areas that have changed from rural to urban or urban to rural. Affected counties began their review of county roads on August 13th. On October 16th cities and MPO’s affected by the HUA changes were sent a request to review their roads and assess them for any changes necessary to their existing arterial or collector functional classifications. Arterial or collector classification changes resulting from the review need to be sent to WSDOT (Mitch Vernon 360-570-2441). These changes should be listed, preferably in an Excel spreadsheet, and provided along with a map, showing the name of the roadway, beginning and ending termini, functional classification, urban or rural status, and the reason for the functional class change. All changes need to be submitted to WSDOT by December 5th.


Reference Maps:

Reference maps showing the old and new urban boundaries are available as PDF’s and GIS shapefiles at this location:

Adjusted2013Sept09: GIS shapefile with the 47 new HUA’s (Urbanized and Small Urban).

Before2013Adjustments: GIS shapefile with the 35 old HUA’s (Urbanized and Small Urban).

UrbanRuralChangeMaps2013: Folder containing 49 urban area PDF’s with the old and new boundaries represented and boundary changes highlighted.

UrbanRuralStatusChange2013: GIS shapefile showing areas that are newly rural and areas that are newly urban.


Functional Class Guidance:

Guidelines for Amending Functional Classification in Washingtion State (pdf 3.0 mb)