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GeoPortal Map Application - Help and Users Guide


The WSDOT GeoPortal is a browser-based map application that allows users to view spatial data, locate State Route milepost locations, and share that information with others. This web page will help you get started using the GeoPortal to display data, use the tools in the GeoPortal, and share GeoPortal maps with others. 

How to use the Tools Tools Toolbar Map Navigation Shortcuts


How to Display Data

Click on the Layers tab.

Check the box to make a dataset visible.




Once you have the box checked, you can hover over the checkbox to enable the layer options arrow. Layer options will allow you to adjust the layer transparency or read the layer metadata (information about how the dataset was developed).

Click on the Legend Tab to see the map legend. The legend will update based on which map layers you have visible.

Click on the Basemap tab to see the available basemaps. To select a new basemap, click on the picture of the basemap on the basemap tab.



How to Use the GeoPortal Tools

There are two locations that you will find tools in the GeoPortal: On the tools tab, and on the Tools Toolbar.


Tools Tab


There are four tools in the Tools Tab:

Find Route Location/Find Nearest Route Location - Zoom To - Buffer - Draw


Find Route Location and Find Nearest Route Location


Zoom To


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Tools Toolbar


Export Graphics: allows you to export any graphics that have been added to the map as KML, KMZ, or JSON files.
Zoom to Previous Extent: zooms the map to the prior extent.
Zoom to Next Extent: zooms the map to the next extent (only available if you have used the 'Zoom to Previous Extent' tool).
Measure: measure an area, distance or return a latitude/longitude value.
Share Map: creates a URL link to your map, excluding map graphics like callout text boxes.
Arrange Layers: allows you to rearrange the drawing order of the data layers on the Layers Tab.
Help: opens a window that displays the Terms of Use, Contact Information and Instructions on how to use the application.


Toggle between different GeoPortal configurations -

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Map Navigation Shortcuts

You can zoom and pan the map in the following ways:


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