Transportation Data, GIS & Modeling

Transportation Data, GIS & Modeling

(formerly TDGO)

The Transportation Data, GIS & Modeling Office (TDGMO), supports the maintenance, preservation and operation of the Washington State transportation system by providing customers with timely, accurate and reliable roadway, traffic and crash data. We collect, process, analyze and report data for over 7,000 miles of state routes and over 80,000 miles of public roads. We deliver specialized GIS products and services in support of business operations throughout WSDOT.


Data & Products


Crash Data Request Form

Crash Report FAQ's

Crash Data Portal (App Link)

Annual Collision Data Summary

Crash Data Reports by Request
(Standard Detailed History, Summary Reports)



Annual Mileage/Travel Info

Annual Traffic Report

Bicycle & Pedestrian Count Program

Short Count Factoring Guide

Short Count Traffic Services

Permanent Count Traffic Services

Speed Report

Peak Hour Report

Permanent Traffic Recorder (PTR) Reports

Traffic Data Request Form

Traffic Data GeoPortal (Traffic Planning Trends)

Travel Data Reports by Request
(AM/PM Traffic Summary, Hourly Volume Detail, Vehicle Classification)



GIS Maps and Data

Download GIS Data (Catalog)

Online Map Center

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Joint Agency GIS Day



State Highway Log

State Route Web Application (SRweb)

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Interchange Viewer

Digital Imagery & Duplication Services

Functional Classification

Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)

National Highway System (NHS)

Roadway Reports by Request
(Horizontal/Vertical Alignment, Road Life, Highway Classification)