GIS Day 2017 Presentations



Keynote Presentation
The AWC GIS Consortium: Building Smarter Communities in Washington - Grant Herbert, FLO Analytics/AWC, Andy Meyer, AWC Redesigning GIS Centric Websites with Usability in Mind - Kelly Alfaro Haugen and Elizabeth Donovan, Thurston County From COTS to Custom: How WDFW is Leveraging Mobile Data Collection - Jake Shapley and Phil Weyland, WDFW
The Server Journey: from AGS 10.2 to Portal at 10.5.1 - Winston McKenna, LNI Dashboard for Monitoring ESRI Desktop, AGOL and Server Usage - Chris Marsh, WDFW GIS & NG9-1-1 Implementation in Washington - Dan Miller, MIL, Jason Guthrie, TCOMM 9-1-1
Getting Your Feet Wet with Web Map Apps - Angela LaLonde, WSDOT Mobile GIS at DNR - Jeffrey Holden, DNR Automating Data Management with FME - Austin Hildreth, DOR
Public-Private Collaboration: The Washington Hometown Project - Jennifer Hackett, Washington Hometown Making GIS Web Data Accessible with an HTML Table Application - Stacey Plumley, WSDOT Camping with iForms: Mobile Data Collection in Remote Headwaters - Reed Ojala-Barbour, WDFW
ArcGIS Online Open Data: Site Administration Best Practices - Julie Jackson, WSDOT, Tim Minter, DSHS (ZIP FILE DOWNLOAD) Working with the ArcGIS Online-Hosted National Interagency Fire Center - Greg Tudor, RCO Developing a GIS Strategy for Washington Trails - Greg Tudor, RCO, Scott McQueen, Joanne Markert and Jenny Konwinski, OCIO
From Stone Age to Digital Age: a GIS Case Study with Waste Resources - Marcy LaViollette, City of Olympia Python Best Practices for GIS Analysts - Thomas Laxson, DNR Building Mobile Fishing Regs Apps with ArcGIS, Leveraging Amazon's AWS - Jake Shapley, Christopher Nacey and Dale Gombert, WDFW
Introduction to the WAURISA Chapter: How we Support Washington GIS - Joshua Greenberg, Skagit County, Anna Yost, City of SeaTac Street Sweeper Route Tracking - Sue Barclift, City of Olympia The League of Places: National and Global Comparables of Your Place - Greg Schundler, Thurston County
Coastal Atlas - New Shoreline Photos and more - Darby Veeck and Ewan Whitaker, ECY The 2017 State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan in GIS - Greg Tudor, WA RCO, Mike Leech, ESA, Jennifer Hackett, Washington Hometown Washington Geological Survey Data Portals - Abby Gleason, DNR
Spills Maps and Open Data Project - Darby Veeck and Ewan Whitaker, ECY A 25-Year History of Spatial and Temporal Trends in Wildfire Activity - Justin Long, DNR WSDOT's Airport Mapping Application & Airspace Calculator - Carter Timmerman, WSDOT


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