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State Route Locator Log

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The Federal Highway Safety Act of 1966 requires each state to have an approved highway safety program. Accurate determination of collision locations are a critical component of this safety program. The State Route Locator Log has been prepared primarily for use by investigating officers and the Statewide Travel and Collision Data Office (STCDO) to assist them in determining this critical information.

The Locator Log is generated from the Transportation Information Planning Support System (TRIPS). TRIPS is a mainframe database containing roadway geometric and jurisdictional data, collision data, and traffic data. The Locator Log is a list of identifiable highway features, private enterprises and public services that were found to exist along each state route at the time it was inventoried. The mileages were secured in the field by a survey odometer. The Locator Log is updated and reprinted annually by the Collision Data & Analysis Branch of the STCDO. If additional copies are needed, or you have identified any discrepancies within the Log, please contact the Collision Data & Analysis Branch at (360) 570-2461.