Emergency Mapping


Geo Crews Fast Response Time

We Got The Mapping Done In Record Time To Get Motorists Moving Again!

Aerial photo of Chehalis Flood

2007 Chehalis Flood Waters Over I-5

GeoMetrix Office provided assistance with documentation and recovery efforts by using photography, scanning and mapping of damaged areas. One of the services offered was ground based laser scanning, (3DTL), to safely collect data of the slides and flood damaged areas. View photos below.

Geographic Services Response Timeline

Aerial Photography December 8th

caption at right

This aerial view of the SR 6 provides the big picture of the damage at milepost 27. You can see how the slide split in two directions around a rock outcrop covering the state route, impacting residents, and blocking travel.

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Note: some images don't have enlargements.

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These pictures show the 3DTL Survey crew setting up the scanner amidst the excavation workers on the slide area.

This is the close-up from the top of the slope at left.

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Scanner on the R 6, mud is covering the state route. Click to see larger image.

Scan of the slope in the slide area. Click to see larger image.

3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Crew, Jeff Shields and Jay McDermott are shown here with (from left to right), GPS unit, 3D Scanner, Scanner Target. For more information on this new technology see our 3DTL page.


Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing Mapping

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This shows a point cloud (scanned data) of the SR 6 slide cross section showing the excavation tractor on the slope.

This shows the contour file created from the Point Cloud data. The excavation tractor on the slope is visible here too.

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This shows the Point Cloud data for the entire slide area. The black dot in the center of the image is where the scanner is sitting.

This is the contour file created from the Point Cloud data.

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This shows the accuracy of the contour lines overlaid on the point cloud.

This is a cropped portion of the .5 foot resolution orthophoto completed at 3:00 PM, December 19th.

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This shows the Point Cloud data cross section of a section of the SR 6 Slide.

This shows the blue contour map accuracy over the slope point cloud data cross section of the entire SR 6 Slide.