GeoMetrix Office

Steve Palmen, PLS - GeoMetrix Manager

The GeoMetrix Office is part of the WSDOT Development Division providing expertise in the fields of Computer Aided Engineering, Survey and Mapping, Right of Way Plans & Survey Support and Visual Engineering Resources. We operate in support of the capital programs to provide base information, tools, and training for project planning, budget development, design, construction, maintenance, and more. Our products are available in traditional printed formats, and video or digital formats. Copies of products developed for WSDOT use are available to the public.


    The GeoMetrix office physically resides in three locations. Please refer to the GeoMetrix Office Contacts List for specific phone, email and address information.

Survey and Mapping

    Survey and Mapping Section maintains a network of very accurately located survey points that make up the starting point for design and construction project work.

Right of Way Plans & Survey Support

    The Right of Way Plans Section provides technical support in Right of Way Plan development. The RW Plans Unit provides mapping documentation to acquire or dispose of property rights for the safe operation of highway infrastructure. The Survey Support Section provides technical support to WSDOT headquarters and regional offices. The Survey Support Unit provides guidance in survey equipment and software, field procedures, survey documentation and report writing.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

    The CAE Section provides technical support in the disciplines of roadway design/drafting software, and ProjectWise. We install, license, provide helpdesk support and training for WSDOT engineering applications.

Visual Engineering Resource Group (VERG)

    The VERG Section provides clear and effective communication of project development, design, and delivery issues through visual media made with a wide range of 3D modeling, animation, video, and other graphic software packages. From planning and communication to design and construction, VERG products are strategic to project success.